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Dr. Scott Walburger Obituary, Man Killed In An Avalanche Near Castle Mountain Ski Resort Identified – Death

Feb 28, 2024
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Dr. Scott Walburger Obituary, Death – Lesthbridge, Alberta – Over the weekend, an avalanche near Castle Mountain Ski Resort killed Dr. Scott Walburger, a prominent figure and owner of the Choice Dental Group. His death has shocked and saddened the close-knit Lethbridge community. On Saturday, February 24, 2024, Dr. Walburger, 46, went snowmobiling in the backcountry with three other people. One unfortunate party’s outing took a tragic turn when they were ensnared in a snow slide. On the day after that, his corpse was found.

A Distinguished Professional and Community Leader

In addition to his reputation as an exemplary dentist, Dr. Scott Walburger had extensive experience serving as a prominent figure in the Lethbridge community. He had a major impact on the availability of dental care in the area while serving as president and owner of Choice Dental Group, which includes Medicine Hat Dental, Crossings Dental, and Lethbridge Dental Services South. His untimely death rocked the neighborhood, and his friends, coworkers, and patients were devastated to hear the news.

A Loving Tribute from Crossings Dental

A Facebook post by Crossings Dental, a Choice Dental Group clinic, broke the tragic news of Dr. Walburger’s death. The post went beyond calling him a dentist and instead praised him for being an example of compassion, knowledge, and unfaltering commitment to providing excellent care. The words described a man whose impact on many lives was profound and lasting.

Family Man Above All Else

Above all else, Dr. Scott Walburger was cherished for his role as a family man, in addition to his professional achievements. Beyond the confines of his dental offices, he was an exceptional family man, a doting husband and father of three. His unwavering devotion to his family was a guiding light in his life, and he left an impression on those fortunate enough to have known him.

Continuing the Legacy: A Pledge from the Clinics

Crossings Dental has pledged to continue Dr. Walburger’s work in the wake of this tragic loss. The clinics committed to continuing to demonstrate the same level of compassion, honesty, and commitment that he did on a daily basis. He was more than a boss; he was a friend to his coworkers, and the social media post recognized his influence on the clinic family. We will always treasure the bond he helped to forge through his wisdom, compassion, and genuine concern.

Gratitude to the Southern Alberta Dental Community

The post thanked the dental community of Southern Alberta for their overwhelming support during this difficult time. The remarkable spirit of camaraderie that characterizes the dental profession was on full display in the solidarity and assistance extended by fellow professionals. A tribute to the ties created within the profession, the dental community came together in the face of tragedy to guarantee that patients would continue to be served by Dr. Walburger’s clinics.

A Call for Patience and Understanding

The staff at Crossings Dental and the affiliated clinics have respectfully requested that their patients and colleagues be understanding and patient as they face the days ahead without their cherished leader. They were all grieving a great loss, and the request stressed the importance of sticking together to remember Dr. Walburger.

A Lasting Tribute

Finally, the post urged everyone to keep Dr. Walburger’s memory alive. In his memory, we are being asked to carry on the same level of service to patients, the community, and the surrounding area that he showed throughout his career. The message was a heartfelt expression of dedication to honoring his legacy through the principles and values maintained by Choice Dental Group.

Conclusion: A Community Mourns and Remembers

There is a hole in many Lethbridge residents’ hearts caused by the terrible death of Dr. Scott Walburger. While they grieve, the community takes stock of a life well-lived, one that was characterized by kindness, perseverance, and a strong belief in the importance of family. The dental clinics he founded, the patients he helped, and the lasting impression he made on the people of Southern Alberta are all ways that Dr. Walburger’s legacy will continue.

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