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Jerry Schenck Obituary, Dedicated Member And Respected NAVHDA Figure Has Passed Away – Death

Feb 28, 2024
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Jerry Schenck Obituary, Death – Tragically, we must inform you of the untimely demise of Jerry Schenck, a cherished member of the NAVHDA family. Members who knew Jerry as an Armbruster winner, a dear friend to everyone he met, a former chairperson of the MWN, and a longtime member feel a profound void with his departure. Here we remember Jerry by thinking back on all he did, all the people he met, and the influence he had on NAVHDA.

A NAVHDA Pillar: Jerry Schenck’s Dedication

Jerry Schenck was an influential figure whose passion and commitment molded NAVHDA into what it is today. His dedication to NAVHDA’s goals and principles was demonstrated by his long-term membership, his position as a former chairperson of the MWN, and his status as an Armbruster winner. Jerry’s impact extended far beyond his official position; he personified the company’s values and culture, permanently altering it.

A Friend to All: Jerry’s Endearing Personality

Jerry Schenck was well-liked by everyone he met, and not only because he was an esteemed figure. Every encounter was special because of his genuine friendliness and warmth, which were the bedrock of his character. Those lucky enough to have known Jerry will never forget his infectious smile and wisdom, which he shared at NAVHDA gatherings and in his advice to fellow members.

Details Pending: Navigating the Loss

Funeral and visitation arrangements are still to be finalized as the NAVHDA family deals with the loss of Jerry. Members are still trying to cope with the death of a dear friend and colleague, and the hole he leaves behind is deep. As they reflect on Jerry’s life, the NAVHDA family stands together in tribute.

A Permanent Home for Java: Continuing Jerry’s Legacy

Java, Jerry’s 9-year-old female Drahthaar, has a new family to help them find a forever home. The fact that Jerry is making an effort to find Java a good home with loving people is evidence of his compassion for animals. If anyone in the NAVHDA community can help find a good home for Java, it would be a wonderful way to carry on Jerry’s spirit of kindness and generosity.

Fond Memories: Reminiscing about Jerry

Members and friends remember Jerry fondly, and their condolences are pouring in. Everyone agrees that Jerry Schenck was a generous human being who welcomed and cared for everyone he met. Jerry left an indelible mark on the community through the friendships he fostered during NAVHDA tests, particularly in the areas of dog training and judging.

NAVHDA Days: Training and Judging with Jerry

Many remember how much fun it was to work with Jerry at NAVHDA as a dog trainer and judge. Thanks to his knowledge and friendly personality, those experiences were both enlightening and entertaining. Thanks to Jerry’s guidance and the group’s shared enthusiasm for NAVHDA’s mission, members of the organization have wonderful memories of their time in the field.

A Superb Judge: Jerry’s Contributions to NAVHDA Tests

Jerry’s dedication to the principles of NAVHDA was further demonstrated by his position as a test judge. People who had the honor of working with Jerry as a judge rave about how well he handled the evaluations. His approach with handlers was characterized by empathy and fairness, which allowed participants to enjoy and benefit from the testing process.

A Legacy Lives On: Remembering Jerry Schenck

The loss of Jerry Schenck is a great blow to the NAVHDA family. Still, the dogs he worked with, the stories told about him, and the impact he had on NAVHDA’s mission and values ensure that his memory will live on. The community is grieving Jerry’s loss while also realizing that the cause he cared about will always be a part of him.

As members of NAVHDA come together in the days ahead to pay tribute to Jerry Schenck, they will feel both sadness and appreciation for the good he brought to the community. Members of NAVHDA gather to honor the life of a cherished friend and devoted NAVHDA enthusiast by sharing stories, providing support to his family, and finding a caring home for Java. In the hearts of people who loved him and the fields where he once trained dogs, Jerry’s memory will reverberate forever.

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