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Update: 1 Dead, Multiple Wounded After Shooting in Minneapolis; Incident Escalates to Three Individuals Shot

Feb 28, 2024
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Minneapolis – A tragic shooting incident in Minneapolis has left one person dead and several others wounded, with the situation escalating to involve three victims shot, according to updated reports.

Initial reports indicated that at least two individuals had been shot, prompting urgent CPR efforts on at least one victim.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and E Franklin Avenue, an area known for its history of drug-related activities.

The suspects involved in the shooting are described as three young Black males who were reportedly on foot at the time of the incident.

This alarming event adds to recent violence in the area, with two stabbings reported at the same location just yesterday, along with an assault involving a baseball bat.

Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the shooting, and additional details are expected to emerge as the situation unfolds. The community remains on edge as authorities work to apprehend the suspects and ensure the safety of residents in the area.

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