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WHo Is Cosmo Jarvis? Wikipedia, Career, Family And Net Worth

Feb 28, 2024
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Following Cosmo Jarvis’ announcement of the concept “Rife with potential” for the upcoming Shōgun Season 2, individuals began seeking information about his parents. Who are they? Let’s acquaint ourselves.

Cosmo Jarvis is a versatile British artist known for his expertise in acting, songwriting, and directing.

Cosmo was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA on September 1, 1989.

Nevertheless, he resided in England during his youth. Regarding his work, he has starred in movies like Lady Macbeth and TV programs like Persuasion and Settling Down with Horses.

Cosmo is also involved in the production of the period drama mini-series Shōgun and Alto Knights.

His work encompasses acting, directing, and music.

Cosmo Jarvis impresses global audiences with his diverse skills, capturing hearts and dominating the entertainment sector.

As a result, there was a surge in searches for Cosmo Jarvis, with many individuals seeking additional information on his parents.

Cosmo Jarvis’ Family: Father, Mother, Brother, and Family Details

After Cosmo Jarvis, a British actor, gained acclaim and popularity, his parents were well-known to the public.

This article will provide information on Cosmo Jarvis’ parents based on credible sources, as many facts are unavailable due to privacy issues.

Cosmo Jarvis has a multicultural background.

His birth name is Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis, however he goes by Cosmo Jarvis in his professional life.

He was raised in Northglenn, Colorado, by his Armenian-American mother and English father.

His parents relocated the family to England when he was a small child.

He started a long period of service in Devon County, where he lived for many years.

The shared upbringings of Cosmo Jarvis and his younger brother, Fletcher Jarvis intermingled their lifestyles.

Cosmo established his family life in Totnes, Devon, but discovered a new purpose and sense of belonging in a different location.

Furthermore, Cosmo is transparent about many elements of his life but has decided to maintain privacy regarding his family and relationships.

Cosmo’s father had English, Caucasian, and Armenian heritage, but Cosmo grew up in a diversified setting that piqued his curiosity for learning.

There is less information available on the relationship between Fletcher Jarvis and Cosmo, who are siblings.

Furthermore, Cosmo adeptly manages his public image while protecting his personal life and family with prudence and consideration.

In summary, Cosmo Jarvis has a cosmopolitan heritage with ties to both the USA and the UK.

He cherishes his strong bond with his family, especially his brother Fletcher, and chooses to maintain privacy regarding his personal life.

Cosmo Jarvis’ Career and Early Life Overview

Cosmo Jarvis, born on September 1st, 1989, in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA, is a 34-year-old versatile individual.

Their residence in Totnes, Devon, served as a central hub for Cosmo and his younger brother, Fletcher.

Cosmo started his career in the arts as a performer when he released his first album in 2006.

After transitioning to acting, he gained recognition for his roles in films including Lady Macbeth, Annihilation, and Calm with Horses.

He has received praise and nominations for awards for his portrayal of Arm in the film “Calm with Horses.”

He gained more notoriety and acclaim by portraying different characters in popular films like Funny Face and The Evening Hour.

Cosmo co-starred with Dakota Johnson in Netflix’s Persuasion and Hiroyuki Sanada’s FX limited series Shōgun.

In 2022, he was nominated for Best Lead Performance and Best International Actor at the British Independent Film Awards.

The criminal drama Alto Knights, featuring Cosmo and Robert De Niro, will debut in November 2024.

However, Cosmo has demonstrated versatility, talent, and dedication, engaging audiences with fascinating music, cinema, and television performances.

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