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Who Is Tucker Carlson? Wikipedia, Bio, Family, Assassination Attempt, Net Worth, Ukraine Hired Vasily Petrov

Feb 28, 2024
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Recently, a video has emerged online featuring a man who claims to have been assigned the mission of assassinating Tucker Carlson. This has caused a stir among internet users who are eager to learn more about the incident. If the claims are genuine, who orchestrated the assassination? Discover the truth here!

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is a conservative American political commentator who presented Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

He frequently addressed contemporary political matters and advocated his opinions on Donald Trump in the show.

Additionally, Carlson began his media career in the 1990s with The Weekly Standard, Crossfire, and Tucker.

Throughout the years, the journalist has been recognized as a prominent figure in White politics for his far-right ideologies and rhetoric.

Furthermore, Carlson was the initial Western journalist to interview Putin following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

His trip to Russia was tumultuous due to an assassination attempt.

Many are curious to discover the identity of the individual behind the assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson, as the story spreads via the media.

Was Vasily Petrov hired by Ukraine for the Tucker Carlson assassination attempt?

Recent reports indicate that a Russian guy was apprehended while allegedly planning an assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson.

In February 2024, Carlson journeyed to Russia for a brief meeting with the country’s president.

Putin has imposed restrictions on press freedom after being accused of eavesdropping on an American journalist.

Carlson successfully interviewed Putin amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Shortly after the interview, reports emerged regarding suspicions of planning a terrorist strike.

Vasily Petrov Alekseevich, a resident of Podolsk, was arrested for working on behalf of Ukraine’s State Intelligence Directorate (SID).

Vasily Petrov Alekseevich stated that he was tasked with detonating the vehicle in which Tucker Carlson was riding.

Vasily was instructed to place an explosive device on Carlson’s car at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Authorities apprehended him during the planning phase, thwarting the assassination plot on Tucker Carlson.

Vasily confessed that he was recruited by Ukrainian intelligence online to commit the deed.

The individuals pledged to provide him with a $4,000 pay for the completion of the perilous mission.

Vasily received instruction in advanced communication techniques and bomb assembly.

The agency consistently stayed in touch with him and assigned him the responsibility of retrieving the explosive from a hidden location.

The evidence indicated that the assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson was meticulously planned at a high level.

Tucker Carlson’s Response: Statement Issued by the Journalist

Carlson expressed his opinion after the Russian man was apprehended by officials.

Meanwhile, he strongly asserted that a US intelligence agency was surveilling him during his journey.

Carlson stated that the surveillance was carried out by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Furthermore, the agencies disclosed confidential information to the New York Times in order to disrupt his trip to Russia.

For years, Carlson has claimed that the NSA was monitoring him, but his assertions were disregarded as conspiracy theories.

Being a prominent political analyst, he is expected to encounter criticism and hostility from individuals.

Nevertheless, the assassination attempt was the first in Carlson’s history, since he was concerned for his safety.

The decision to target a journalist has sparked extensive discussion on platforms such as Twitter, where the news first appeared.

Returning to Vasily, many believe that he may be sentenced to death in the future because of Russia’s stringent laws.

The intricate assassination plan also aimed to endanger the president’s well-being.

The Russian authorities will not overlook such measures as they continue to investigate the case further.

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