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Floyd Lawhon Obituary News: Kentucky Church of God Ordained Bishop and Powerful Evangelist Has Died

Feb 29, 2024
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Floyd Lawhon Obituary News; The passing of Dr. Floyd Lawhon, an esteemed ordained bishop and influential evangelist within the Church of God, leaves a deep void in the hearts of many.

His recent sermon at the the Christ Embassy in Nicholasville, Kentucky, stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel and touching lives with the power of his message.

A Legacy of Dynamic Preaching

Dr. Lawhon’s ministry resonated deeply with the communities he served, particularly in Kentucky, where his presence was felt and his words carried weight.

His dynamic preaching style captivated audiences, drawing them closer to the heart of God and inspiring countless individuals to deepen their faith.

A Shepherd to Many

As an Ordained Bishop, Dr. Lawhon shepherded congregations with compassion and wisdom, guiding them through life’s challenges and celebrating their triumphs.

His pastoral care extended beyond the pulpit, as he invested time and energy in nurturing spiritual growth and fostering community among believers.

Impact Beyond Boundaries

Dr. Lawhon’s influence transcended geographical boundaries, reaching far beyond the confines of Kentucky. His fervent dedication to proclaiming the Gospel touched lives across the nation, leaving an indelible mark on those who had the privilege of hearing his message of hope and salvation.

Beloved by All

Dr. Lawhon’s warm smile and genuine love for people endeared him to countless individuals who had the privilege of crossing paths with him. Whether in the sanctuary, on the streets, or in the quiet moments of counseling, he approached each interaction with grace, humility, and a genuine desire to reflect the love of Christ.

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