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Uncle Les Obituary, A Treasured Presence in Our Lives Uncle Les, Death

Feb 29, 2024
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Uncle Les Obituary, Death – Where do I begin with Uncle Les? The flood of memories rushes in, each one a testament to the warmth and joy he brought into our lives. From the tender hug he bestowed upon meeting my daughter Brooklynn, a mere baby at the time, to the cherished moments that unfolded during our family gatherings, Uncle Les was a constant source of happiness.

A Proud Moment on Gore Road

One vivid memory takes me back to a volleyball match at our house on Gore Road. The air was filled with excitement as we hosted a grand pig roast. In those days, my sisters and I were just kids, reveling in the joy of innocent play. Uncle Les, always attentive, congratulated me on the woman I had become, a sentiment that echoed his pride in our family’s growth.

BBQs, Swims, and Laughter

Then there were the BBQs and swims at Aunt Roxy and Uncle Les’s place, shared with loved ones like Holly Thompson, my twin sister. Shared birthdays, shared laughter, and shared moments of pure joy. Uncle Les had a knack for ensuring everyone had a good time. Whether it was a dip in the pool or a hearty laugh over a barbecue, he made sure we were all part of the fun.

I can’t help but reminisce about the day he accidentally swallowed a bee in his pop can. The shock and subsequent laughter still linger in my memory. As he jumped up, screaming, none of us could fathom what had transpired. Later, as we discovered the cause, Uncle Les laughed it off, leaving us in stitches and inadvertently leaving me with a lasting fear of bees.

Dances and Celebrations

Uncle Les was not just a pillar of support; he was a dance partner at heart. The dances we shared at Aunt Ginny and Uncle George’s wedding remain etched in my mind. From the sultry “Lady in Red” to the infectious beats of the “Macarena” and the quirky moves of the “Tootsie Roll,” we danced the night away. I can still hear his laughter as I attempted to teach him the latest dance craze.

A Grateful Heart

Expressing gratitude to Uncle Les seems insufficient for the role he played in our lives. He was more than an uncle; he was a friend, not bound by blood but by the love and shared experiences we held dear. During times when our family needed support the most, Uncle Les stood by us, offering a helping hand and a comforting presence.

Fond Farewell and Heartfelt Wishes

As we bid farewell to Uncle Les, I can’t help but feel the weight of loss. Yet, my tears are held back by the image of him reunited with Ma, Margaret Birch, in the realm beyond. I envision the two of them, joking and, in Uncle Les’s own words, “fucking around,” their laughter echoing through eternity.

The heavy hearts of the Thompson family are shared, and my thoughts extend to Holly, Michael, Jason, and Aunt Roxy Thompson. Uncle Les’s impact on our lives is immeasurable, and the memories we carry will forever be a testament to the love and joy he brought into our world.

Unforgettable Moments with Uncle Les

As I reflect on our shared history, one particular memory surfaces. Yvonne’s playful mischief with a truck, resulting in a muddy mess, is etched in our collective recollections. Then there was the time when Maryke and I engaged in a fake marriage, a moment Uncle Les often reminisced about while talking to Mom.

Uncle Les, thank you for being the embodiment of love, laughter, and unwavering support. Until we meet again, may your spirit continue to bring joy to the heavens. Say hi to Ma for me, and rest in eternal peace, dear friend and uncle not by blood but by the profound connection of shared memories and a love that transcends earthly bounds.

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