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Who Is Faze Rain GF? Wikipedia, Family, Relationship Status, Career

Feb 29, 2024
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Nordan Shat, also known as Faze Rain, is a Canadian Vlogger and Twitch streamer. He was born on May 29th, 1996, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The name of his mother is Sue, however his father’s name is not available in internet sources.

He is primarily recognized as a competitive player for the online gaming clan Faze.

Faze also engages in vlogging, providing insights into his everyday routines and personal life in addition to his game broadcasting.

However, fans have consistently expressed curiosity about Faze Rain’s romantic relationship and his girlfriend.

Faze Rain Dating Timeline: Who is his girlfriend?

We have collected information regarding Faze Rain’s dating history and girlfriend because to the fans’ heightened interest.

Faze Rain is now single in 2024 and not in a relationship, although there are speculations about him being romantically involved with Twitch broadcaster Juju.

There is no evidence to support his connection with Juju, and they do not have a mutual social media following.

Additionally, other sources indicate that he has been in multiple relationships in the past.

Faze Sway was in a romantic relationship during his adolescence that lasted for 3 years, but terminated, leading to his despair.

Following a previous separation, he encountered Taylor Aitken in 2013 and initiated a romantic relationship.

Taylor and Faze rose to fame in the early 2010s as a YouTube duo celebrated for their cheerful demeanor.

Faze Rain included his girlfriend, GF Taylor, in one of his Meet My Girlfriend films, which was well-received by fans.

Taylor provided support as he accomplished many goals, and their strong connection was apparent in his films.

After a lengthy relationship, the couple made the decision to part ways.

Faze stated in a video that their breakup was due to issues related to maintaining a long-distance relationship.

There have been no updates on his dating status, thus it is reasonable to believe he is single.

Biography of Faze Rain: Family Background

Faze Rain encountered numerous challenges during his upbringing due to his family’s various issues.

As children, Faze and his sisters found it quite unsettling that their parents would argue daily.

Additionally, at the age of 7, his parents’ separation led to his feelings of loneliness.

Faze’s loneliness evolved into anxiety and sadness due to the challenges he encountered.

Subsequently, his mother wed Al, and he and his sister were raised by them.

In addition, Faze has two step-siblings who are not very close to him and his sister.

Furthermore, as a child, Faze grappled with weight, leading to self-confidence and self-esteem challenges.

Even in his youth, obesity was a true medical issue for him.

Moreover, his peers labeled him as the class clown in school, causing him additional difficulties.

He lacked commitment to his studies and eventually left high school to pursue content production.

Faze began his career by creating his YouTube channel in 2010, which he named FaZe Rain.

He primarily posted videos of himself playing games like Fortnite and Call of Duty on this channel.

In addition, in 2011, he established his second YouTube channel and began vlogging and sharing his experiences.

His primary gaming channel has 5.32 million subscribers, while his secondary channel, Faze Rug, has 25.2 million subscribers.

Faze has increased his activity on his second channel, Faze Rug, by uploading entertaining content.

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