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Death: Obituary for Mike Snow, a teacher at McCullough Middle School who passed away in an accident

Mar 14, 2024
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The Death of Mike Snow – Sadly, Mike Snow, a much-loved educator at McCullough Middle School, has gone away. It is believed that he was involved in an accident that led to his death. As a result of his steadfast dedication to his profession and the students he taught, Mike was a vital part of the school community for close to seventeen years. This individual demonstrated the very core of what it is to be a Colonial, as he shared his generosity and compassion with an uncountable number of students and staff members.

During the time that Mike worked at McCullough, he had a significant impact that extended beyond the boundaries of our educational institution. As a result, Michael was ultimately responsible for molding the social fabric of the New Castle neighborhood. It was his warm and kind manner that brought life to our school system, and the genuine care he showed for each and every student he met cemented his position as a cherished individual in the hearts of a great number of people.

Mike was a remarkable alumni of William Penn High School, where he graduated with the Class of 1994, and he was a proud member of our Colonial family. In addition to his dedication to education, Mike was passionate about the field of teaching. It will be very difficult to replace his unwavering commitment to his alma mater and his unwavering support for the community of the institution.

Students will not be allowed to attend McCullough Middle School on Thursday, March 14, 2024, as a mark of respect for the awful loss that has occurred. During this period of closure, both the teaching staff and the students will have the time to contemplate and come to terms with the unexpected news. All students who may need additional support during this difficult time period will continue to have access to the school building without interruption. Additionally, it is highly recommended that parents and guardians make use of the services that are available at McCullough in order to provide their children with comfort and assistance during these trying times, as well as to participate in open and honest conversations with them about the loss that they have experienced.

For parents who are interested in learning more about how to have talks with their teenagers about death, we propose that they review the guidelines that are provided in the following reference: Parents should read this brief guide on how to talk to their adolescents about death.

All of those who had the privilege of knowing Mike, including his family, friends, and coworkers, are in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept our sincerest sympathies and best wishes. We mourn his passing and honor the enormous impact he had on our lives by commemorating his lifetime of accomplishments. I pray that the remembrance of him brings comfort and inspiration to everyone.

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