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Who Is Drew Peterson? Family, Wife Murderer, Net Worth

Feb 28, 2024
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Drew Peterson was a military police officer with training who served in the United States Army.

He served as a military police officer in the Bolingbrook police department for 30 years.

Even in retirement, he had little to worry about due to his annual income of $79,000.

Drew Peterson’s idyllic life came to a halt due to his own irrevocable choices.

He has been incarcerated for 12 years after being found guilty of his wife’s murder.

While incarcerated, Drew Peterson resurfaced in the media due to a statement he made during a recent interview with News Nation.

Debatable Viewers were shocked by Drew Peterson’s interview, where his dark humor caused outrage.

The News Nation interview with Drew Peterson was broadcast in February 2024. Ashleigh Banfield, the renowned news show host, captured it.

Throughout the entire conversation, Drew Peterson remained composed and did not exhibit the demeanor of a person incarcerated for a grave offense.

During the interview, his overall behavior resembled that of conversing with a close friend after a long time apart.

Ashleigh appears shocked by the ex-police officer’s revelations during the interview.

Drew Peterson frequently made unexpected statements.

During the interview, he disparaged his deceased wife and made a statement that caused discomfort to the interviewer.

One of his utterances that gained widespread popularity was a joke he made about his deceased wife.

“I vow not to harm you unless you agree to marry me.”

Upon hearing this, interviewer Ashleigh Banfield informs him, “It’s never going to happen.”

Ashleigh Banfield’s response seemed to unsettle Drew Peterson slightly, prompting him to swiftly transition to a different subject while chuckling.

Drew Peterson’s recent interview included a cruel joke that has incited anger among many people familiar with the case.

It is said to be disrespectful to the interviewer, his deceased wife, and his four children who are still observing him.

Witnessing your father brutally murder your mother and then callously laughing about it 12 years later may be extremely soul-crushing.

Drew Peterson’s controversial joke upsets many, sparking inquiries about his family and police career.

Ashleigh Banfield also inquired about Drew Peterson’s children throughout the conversation. Drew Peterson responds that he does not want his four children to believe that he murdered their mother.

Ashleigh Banfield directly questions him, “Did you not do that?” Drew Peterson denies the accusation and desires for everyone to be aware of the truth.

Despite Drew Peterson’s remarks in the interview, he is widely disbelieved by most people.

Moreover, his tasteless joke has sparked curiosity about his comprehension of the impact on his family.

A Twitter user expressed disbelief that someone with such a worldview was part of the police force.

There is debate about whether law enforcement should thoroughly investigate his extensive tenure as a police officer.

Drew Peterson made a controversial joke in a recent interview that has sparked widespread discussion on the Internet, but his family has chosen to remain uninvolved.

None of his four children has made any statement about his horrible joke.

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