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22-year-old Mar’Keven Pierre killed in shooting outside closed CVS in Shreveport

Mar 12, 2024
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During a gathering in the parking lot of a shuttered CVS on Sunday, March 10, four individuals were shot. The incident occurred around 9:25 p.m. outside the store located near Hearne Avenue and Hollywood Avenue.

As a result, four individuals were hospitalized, with two of them in critical condition.

Police announced on Monday, March 11, that 22-year-old Mar’Keven Pierre had passed away due to his injuries.

According to the coroner’s office, Pierre sustained a gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead on Sunday at 11:10 p.m.

Upon investigation, authorities retrieved approximately 50 shell casings from the scene, indicating the involvement of multiple shooters.

Additionally, on Monday, the police chief informed council members that:

  • Several of his officers were patrolling the vicinity when the shooting occurred, promptly responding within minutes.
  • He mentioned that his investigators are currently reviewing surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the shooting, which could potentially capture video footage of the incident.

The Shreveport Police Department is appealing to anyone who may have information regarding the fatal shooting to step forward and aid in the ongoing investigation.

A statement from the police emphasizes the significance of even seemingly insignificant details, which could be crucial in apprehending the individuals accountable and ensuring justice is served.

Individuals with information pertaining to this case are urged to contact the Shreveport Police Department promptly at (318) 673-7300 extension 3.

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