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Maudene Powell Obituary, Death, Maudene Powell Passes Away At 92

Mar 12, 2024
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Maudene Powell Obituary, Death – The Mercy Health- Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Mississippi, has been the location of the passing of a person who resided in Benton, Mississippi. The eleventh of March, 2024 was the day she passed away. That establishment was home to her as a patient. In addition to being the place where she was born, Madison County was also the place where she had lived her whole life. That was the only place she had ever called home. Before their daughter was born, both of her parents, Samuel Edd Chandler and Jewel Whitworth Chandler, had already passed away. Jewel Whitworth Chandler was the only child of the couple.

During her mother’s marriage, Jewel Whitworth Chandler was her husband. In contrast, Joe McCannon, her husband of fifty-six years, had already passed away before to her own passing. He had been her companion the entire time.

The fact that the arrangements for Maudene’s funeral were not completed after her passing acted as a somber reminder of how fast life may come to an end and then transition into eternity. Collier Funeral Home, Inc., which was given the responsibility of administering the funeral, exerted a great deal of effort to ensure that Maudene’s final journey will be remembered with respect and dignity.

Those who had been moved by Maudene’s presence in their lives found it inconceivable to consider the possibility of parting ways with her. It was the images of her laughing, her reassuring hug, and her undying love that offered them comfort at the most difficult times of their bereavement.

Their minds were filled with these images. On the other hand, in spite of the sadness, there was also a profound sense of gratitude for having been a part of Maudene’s joyful life. During the process of making funeral arrangements, the community came together with the intention of paying tribute to Maudene, which was they all shared.

There was an interchange of tributes, tales, and tears, all of which provided as evidence of the enduring legacy that she left behind. Despite the fact that Maudene has left this world, her memory will live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have known and loved her.

By taking part in the numerous events that were made possible by these organizations and groups as a result of her participation in those activities, she offered her time and energy to the several projects that were being undertaken. It was impossible to separate them from one another since they were a partnership rather than individuals.

This made it impossible to separate them from one another. Funeral services will be performed at the chapel of Lord and Stephens in Danielsville on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at two o’clock in the afternoon. Pastor Stephens will preside over the ceremony. Both the date and the hour of the services did not change at any point. Pastor Stephens will act as the ceremony’s presider during the course of the event.

The influence that Maudene had on the lives of all individuals will be commemorated at an event that will be held for the entire community in the days ahead. At the gathering of her loved ones, they will pay tribute to her memory by recalling happier times and taking solace in the knowledge that she leaves behind a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

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