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Multiple people shot after man holding 18 hostages inside a bus in Rio de Janeiro

Mar 12, 2024
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In an incident at Rio Bus Station in the Center, a criminal boarded a Viação Sampaio bus, taking 18 hostages, including children and elderly individuals, on Tuesday afternoon (12).

The Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) of the Military Police responded to the scene, cordoning off the area.

Two individuals were reportedly shot during the altercation.

One victim, identified as Bruno Lima de Costa Soares, sustained three gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen and was transported to Souza Aguiar Hospital. His condition is critical.

According to a passenger, the bus was en route to Minas Gerais when it was commandeered by the assailant, who opened fire, injuring Bruno.

The identity of the other injured individual remains unknown as they did not seek treatment at Souza Aguiar Hospital.

An eyewitness reported seeing the moment the perpetrator brandished the firearm. According to a female passenger, the bus was headed to Juiz de Fora and had already departed from the bus station.

However, approximately 500 meters into the journey, the air conditioning malfunctioned, prompting the driver to return to the station for repairs.

Upon arrival, some passengers opted to disembark due to the heat. It was during this time that the assailant, who the woman claimed was already on board, began firing shots.

The Fire Department was summoned at 3 p.m.

The management company responsible for the bus station released a statement confirming an incident on the central platform involving a bus. Immediate contact was made with law enforcement and fire departments, both of which are presently present at the site.

The statement assured that further details will be provided once available. As a precautionary measure, the affected area has been cordoned off to safeguard all passengers, awaiting further instructions from the authorities.

The company also advised individuals with scheduled trips for the afternoon to consider rescheduling with the respective bus companies, offering options for ticket exchange or cancellation. Passengers on-site were guided to secure locations, while others have already departed from the terminal.

All shops within the terminal were vacated.

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