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Alan Dowling Obtiuary, Death, Cleveland, OH, Drum Instructor At School Of Performing Arts Has Died

Mar 13, 2024
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Alan Dowling Obtiuary, Death – In the seventh grade, Alan Dowling began his drumming career by participating in a school marching and performance band. It is with the Holland College School of Performing Arts that he is employed as a Drum Instructor.

KINLEY, Irish Mythen, Doug Riley, Measha Bruggergosman, and a great number of other artists have collaborated with him on stage or in the studio. A total of five years were spent with him performing at the Charlottetown Festival. A number of jazz festivals in Canada have included Alan’s performances, and he has been honored with five East Coast Music Awards.

In addition to performing with The Jive Kings, he also made guest performances with Symphony Nova Scotia and the PEI Symphony Orchestra. One of his most significant influences is Buddy Rich, and the other is Steve Gadd. His performances with renowned ensembles, such as the Charlottetown Festival, as well as his guest appearances with Symphony Nova Scotia and the Prince Edward Island Symphony Orchestra, helped to solidify his reputation as a skillful and versatile drummer.

Buddy Rich and Steve Gadd were two important figures in Alan’s life who had a significant impact on his drumming. It was via their zeal and enthusiasm for the art form that he was able to absorb their enthusiasm, which he subsequently employed to enhance his own performances.

He was the owner of a considerable number of standardbred horses throughout the course of his life, and he also took part in the driving of those horses that he owned. In addition to that, he was the one who drove the horses. The United States Trotting Association, the Maine Harness Horseman’s Association, and the Maine State Breeders Association were the three organizations among which he was a member.

He was also a member of the Maine State Breeders Association. He was a member of each of these three organizations in their whole. Among all of these groups, the Maine State Breeders Association was one of the organizations under consideration.Allen had been a member of the American Legion Post #2 in Augusta for his whole life, and he had never left the organization throughout his entire life.

In addition, he had served as the commander of the post in the past. He was also a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks #964 of Augusta for life, the Fraternal Order of Eagles of Augusta for life, the Disabled American Veterans Association, the Blinded Veterans Association, and the Korean War Veterans. All of these organizations were dedicated to helping veterans who had served in the Korean War.

Each and every one of these organizations offers support and aid to veterans who have served in the armed forces. Each and every one of these organizations was dedicated to the mission of offering support to veterans who had previously served in the armed services.Unfortunately, neither of Allen’s parents were able to make it through life without him after he went away. None of them were able to make it through his attack.

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