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Ashley Sabo Obituary, Death, Delaware, A Life Lived with Passion and Purpose

Mar 13, 2024
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Ashley Sabo Obituary, Death – Ashley Sabo, a friend of mine, passed suddenly on Easter Sunday evening. When I was blogging, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful folks who were fighting like crazy for children in Delaware. Among them was Ashley, of course.

During a Twitter dispute that another blogger and I were having with the Vision/Rodel group in late 2015, we were introduced to her for the first time. Ashley and I would then discuss the educational system in Delaware from that point on. Both of us were parents of children with special needs who wished for the best for our children.

Nearly immediately after that, Ashley became active with the Delaware Parent Teacher Association PTA, and she assisted a number of us in our efforts to advocate for an opt-out measure that would enable parents to opt their children out of participating in state testing. Despite the fact that we already had that right, the measure would ban any penalty from being given to children or schools. After some time, it was approved, but the Governor exercised his veto power.

This led to Ashley being elected to the Red Clay Board of Education in 2017, where she served for a total of five years. The Red Clay Board of Education is the largest school system in the state.

Without our knowledge, Ashley was already working in the medical sector as a registered nurse RN in the middle of the Covid outbreak. She was putting in a lot of hard work, but she and other nurses were never given nearly as much credit as they should have been. I counted Ashley as a friend during the entirety of this ordeal.

He was one of the persons I turned to whenever I was feeling low or when I simply needed someone to listen to me. We considered it a great honor that she would follow suit. As time went on and we relocated to New York a few years ago, we found that we were communicating less frequently.

The problems that Ashley had with her health throughout her life were brought to our attention, and we have always regarded her as a really courageous individual who was fiery in her values and an amazing warrior for her children.

When her father passed away a number of years ago, a light went out inside of her, but it never completely went out. Now that she is with her father, we are aware that the two of them are keeping a watchful eye on her two girls. Regarding Ashley and her unwavering commitment to doing what is right, there is a great deal more that I could say.

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  • She was a horrible person she adopted a child for money and used her like Cinderella to take care of her two younger children and clean the house, work and go to school all the while they were getting enough money to take care of her then dumped her adoptive daughter on a single mom living in a safe house and Ashley kept the income she got from New Jersey for months and never let the daughter or the person who took her in know. She wouldn’t buy her clothes or even underwear. She was no warrior for children she was a liar and hypocrite. She messed up her adoptive daughters life even after all she went through hell through all the foster homes Ashley over promised and under delivered and Kyer was so mean to her. She should have never been allowed to be around kids.

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