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Caleb Harris Missing: Last week, after going to pick up an Uber Eats delivery, the student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi vanished.

Mar 13, 2024
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Parents of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi student Caleb Harris have claimed that he vanished last week after going to pick up his Uber Eats order. For a week now, the Corpus Christi police have been looking for Harris, a 21-year-old man. When Harris was last seen, he was outside his apartment building, The Cottages, which houses A&M students exclusively. This incident happened on Monday, March 4th, just before three in the morning. Since the roommate had just gotten a puppy, they played with the dog beginning at 10 p.m. “We have video of them playing with the dog,” Caleb Harris’s father Randy Harris said in a Fox News Digital interview. “..

He was preparing for the afternoon that followed. It was his usual routine to get his lunch at a convenience shop the next day. It was extremely typical of him, being a creature of habit, to act in such way. His family claims that up until around 2:45 a.m., when he departed to take the new puppy on a stroll around his apartment building, they got “various Snapchats” from Caleb. Randy said that just before three in the morning, the person brought the dog back to their apartment and went outside to wait for their Uber Eats order. They did not, however, return to their unit.

Although Caleb had his phone with him at the time, according to the Corpus Christi police, it was deactivated. Randy attested to the fact that the Uber Eats delivery had been declared complete.He vanished out of sight suddenly.The charges of misbehavior are not substantiated by any evidence, and there is a total lack of proof. “Therefore, it is essential to carefully review every little detail and take into account every potential angle,” he said. “It is a mystery.”The father said that his kid was actively “getting ready” for a number of things, including school and a fishing trip that was coming up. Moreover, he had just signed a new lease for his flat, indicating that he was not certain he would be moving out. Caleb’s place, according to Randy, is a standard apartment building targeted at college students.

“Even though it is not a school-owned building, it is located close to the TAMUCC campus,” he said. Caleb’s mother, Becky Harris, told Fox News Digital that the Friday before he vanished, she had personally gone to Corpus Christi to visit her son. “He likes to go fishing and interact with people.” He is a cheerful and easygoing person. Excitement is all over him. Becky said, “And everyone attests to his amiable nature.” In response to a question on her family’s present emotional state, Becky said that their only want is for their child to “return home unharmed.”

Randy gave the Corpus Christi Police Department much credit for their outstanding work. They are educating us on the state of affairs right now. They are doing a lot of things in secret. They are striving to reach the pinnacle of their abilities. He said, “We truly appreciate and recognize their contributions.” The overwhelming amount of internet prayer and support that we have gotten is the most important thing. For us, a lot of people are praying. The expectancy and faith we have in the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of our belief. “He’ll give him back.”After Harris went to pick up his lunch order, his roommates were unable to locate him, according to a Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers Facebook post.The disappearance of Harris has been reported to TAMUCC.

Please contact the Corpus Christi Police Department at 361-886-2840 or 361-886-2600 if you have any information on Harris’ disappearance. If anybody has any information, they may also contact the campus police at 361-825-4444.”We respectfully ask that the public and our university community keep Caleb and his family in their prayers.” In a Facebook post, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) expressed confidence over Caleb’s safe return. No matter where he is right now, Randy said he wanted his kid to know that his parents love him without conditions and are looking forward to seeing him again.

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