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Casey Drew Obituary, Death, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Honoring The Memory Of Casey Drew

Mar 13, 2024
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These individuals are struggling to come to terms with the loss of a wonderful friend, family member, and neighbor. His infectious laughter and genuine compassion brought joy to everyone who was in his immediate proximity, and as a result, all of those who had the privilege of knowing him were left with a lasting impression on their hearts.

This was the outcome of his contagious laughter and real compassion. Everyone who knew Casey could see that he was dedicated to his work at R&L Carriers in Wilmington. This was something that was absolutely obvious. He earned the respect and admiration of his fellow loading workers as a result of the conscientious and devoted manner in which he carried out his duties associated with his position as a loader. It was his strong work ethic and his dedication to perfection that stood as a monument to his character. His character and integrity were demonstrated by these two things.

In the time that Casey was not working, he discovered that the simplest of pleasures brought him both comfort and satisfaction. Some of his favorite things to do included swimming, working in his yard, tinkering with automobiles, and spending time with his family.

Aside from spending precious time with his cherished child, he also enjoyed spending time with his family. Those were the moments that he cherished, and he came to realize that the love and laughter he shared with the people he cared about provided him joy and contentment. The fourteenth of September, 1992 was the day when Casey was born in Richmond County, Pennsylvania. It was in the year 1992 that he was born.

His mother, Yvonne Bowman Crenshaw, and his father, Gerry Crenshaw, who had passed away before he was born, were his parents. Prior to his birth, his father had passed away.

His mother was a member of a generation that came before him. It was already too late for him to be born; she had already departed away. His favored medium was bricks, and the field of masonry, in which he worked, was his preferred medium. Bricks were another preferred medium.

Those who are left behind include his mother, Yvonne Crenshaw, who resides in Rockingham; his two brothers, Rodney Brigman (Dana) of Hamlet and G.W. Crenshaw of Rockingham; his paternal grandparents, Tommy and Gladys Crenshaw, who reside in Rockingham; his aunt, Sue Blakely, who is in Raeford; his fiance, Jennifer Outlaw, who resides in Rockingham; and two nephews and three nieces.

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