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Death: Andrew Mott’s obituary: A motorbike accident claimed the life of a Columbus police officer

Mar 13, 2024
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Death of Andrew Mott Following the conclusion of his shift on Wednesday morning, Officer Andrew Mott, 36, lost his life in a motorbike accident. The city of Columbus had a day full of sorrows because of this awful tragedy. The devastating news that Officer Mott had died was announced by the Columbus Division of Police in the afternoon. Shockwaves went through the department and the whole city upon hearing this news.

Throughout his five years of service with the Columbus Division of Police, Officer Mott left an enduring impression on both his fellow officers and the community he was entrusted with safeguarding.

This was due to his unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for his work. The Columbus Police Department released a statement noting the monumental effect of Officer Mott’s departure, emphasising the deep void his absence will leave in the hearts of his fellow officers.

The sad incident happened in Delaware County near the intersection of Cottswold Drive and US Route 23. Officer Mott was not on duty when the accident occurred, and he suffered serious injuries.

Despite the best attempts to save him, Officer Mott lost away from his injuries at OhioHealth Grant Medical Centre on Wednesday morning at 9:08 a.m. Officer Mott’s remains will be transported to the Franklin County Coroner’s office, where an honour guard will be stationed to honour Officer Mott’s valiant service and selflessness.

Officer Mott’s tenure with the Columbus Division of Police was characterised by bravery and tenacity, one of which was the incident that happened in 2021 when he was attacked outside the Faith Mission on North Grant Avenue by an assailant brandishing a knife, causing him to suffer serious injuries.

The Division of Police honoured Officer Mott with the Purple Heart award the following year in appreciation of his bravery and selflessness. Officer Mott received this medal in appreciation of his unwavering commitment to serving and defending his community.

Officer Mott’s family is devastated by his passing and must now face the terrible task of accepting their lover’s untimely demise. The community is supporting and sending its sympathies to Officer Mott’s family during this trying time as they grieve the loss of a dedicated public worker. Now, plans are being made for the funeral.

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