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Dirk Hartung Obituary, Death, Vienna, Story The Loss Of A Beautiful Soul

Mar 13, 2024
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Dirk Hartung Obituary, Death – May Dirk Hartung rest in peace today Regrettably, I was informed that Dirk had passed away the previous evening. An acquaintance of his named Sabine discovered him in his room early in the morning. I just finished having a conversation with Sabine, who is currently in the process of extracting some contact details from someone else’s phone. Dirk was a photographer who began his involvement with the World Bodypainting Festival community in its very early phases. He was a highly dedicated photographer.

Over the course of over twenty years, he took thousands of photographs that captured the spirit of life and art. In spite of the fact that he is no longer with us, the visual symphony that he composed continues to serve as an enduring homage to his artistic abilities and the beautiful things that he discovered in the world.

We do not know any other information regarding the funeral; nevertheless, I will provide you with an update over the following few days and share it with his friends here. During the nine years that he had been enjoying a full and happy life, Dirk had successfully fought off cancer and other ominous warnings.

During their travels, he and Sue traveled throughout the United States of America, Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. The slopes of Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Calgary were just some of the places that Dirk and his friends went skiing. During the course of the previous year, he skied at Tyrol Basin in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, virtually every day, and he completed 65 ski days.

In Vietnam, he and his brother David Racine, together with his nephew Brent Racine, went on a motorcycle journey where they traveled via backroads. This item on Sue’s bucket list, which was to visit a polo camp in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was accomplished by Dirk and Sue.

Sue Batt Racine, his devoted wife and life adventure partner, as well as his brother David Racine, his sister-in-law Linda Racine, his niece Heather Racine Kessler, his nephew Brent Racine, and Tracy Racine, Brent’s wife, are among those who are left behind after Dirk have passed away.

Hundreds of his friends and fans will mourn his passing and come together to commemorate his life. There will be a party at a later time to celebrate all that has to do with Dirk. Please consider making a donation to the Nature Conservancy or the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County in lieu of sending flowers. As an alternative, you might also consider skiing a run for Dirk at Tyrol Basin.

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