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Dr William West Suicide, Death, Ophthalmology Surgery Residency At George Washington University Loses His Life

Mar 13, 2024
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Dr William West Suicide, Death – William Ballantyne West, Jr., our cherished son and brother, passed away on March 1st, after he had reached a point where he felt he could no longer fight his demons. We have had a lovely time remembering how wonderful he was and hearing from many individuals who felt the same way. Although it is unbearably terrible, we have enjoyed doing so. Will Sr. and Lisa West have two children, and William is their second kid. He completed his education at Alta High School (2008), Brigham Young University (2016), and the University of Utah School of Medicine (2021).

Additionally, he was in the process of completing his residency in ophthalmology surgery at George Washington University. His instances of service are too numerous to name, but some of them include his time spent serving in the Milan, Italy mission (2009-2011), teaching at the Missionary Training Center, and assisting in the leadership of the Y-Serve organization and adaptive aquatics at BYU. During his time in the Azores, he also taught English to medical personnel. In addition, he worked as an emergency medical technician at both BYU and the American Fork Hospital.

He had a permanently mischievous sparkle in his eye, loved to have fun, and was a fun-loving individual who could always make us laugh. He was a wonderful spirit. When it came to his own personal style, he was always up for an adventure. When I was a kid, this meant going to Video Vern’s at six in the morning to grab free popcorn while the rest of us were still sleeping during the night. Ragnar and Spartan marathons, midnight cliff leaping in the Mediterranean, and slacklining across gorges at Lake Powell were all activities that these individuals participated in as adults.

One more experience that was distinctively William was the fact that he chose to spend a significant portion of his medical school years living in an ambulance rather than paying rent. Because of his inventiveness and skills reminiscent of McGyver, he was able to create an incredible setup inside the ambulance, which he then expanded to include everything he touched, particularly gingerbread. Their annual Christmas projects were a sight to behold (this year, it was a ski slope, replete with ski lifts and skiers). His relationship with his sister Lucy was a source of inspiration. Playing with children was one of his favorite things to do, and they admired him because he was not afraid to act foolish.

In situations where William was adamant about doing something, there was no way to stop him or convince him to change his mind. He possessed an iron will. It was because of this, in addition to his dexterous fine motor skills, that he was an excellent surgeon.

William’s genuine concern for others and his desire to assist and safeguard them was one of the most admirable qualities he possessed. Friends of William’s from all stages of his life, including the garage attendant in his apartment building, his classmates in medical school and attending physicians, as well as friends and family from all over the world, have shared memories about all of the caring, sharing, and giving things he did that meant a great deal but didn’t necessarily get attention on a regular basis. Every one of his siblings is thankful for his protective nature; we have all had the experience of his taking care of us when we were in need of the assistance.

In his parting remarks, William expressed his desire to safeguard other medical students and residents who were coping with circumstances that were comparable to his own. Aspiring medical professionals are in need of improved support, and we hope that structural improvements may be achieved to this end. This is a really important point. We hope that no other family will ever have to go through a tragedy like this one, and we hope that more kind-hearted individuals will be able to succeed in the medical field without having to give up a significant amount of their health in the process.

Our William has, we are certain, at long last arrived at a place of tranquility, and we eagerly anticipate his return. He is incredibly dear to our hearts.

There are 28 aunts and uncles, 61 first cousins and their families, as well as his grandparents Hugh and Sue West, his parents Will Sr. and Lisa (Gardiner), his siblings Jennifer (Becca), Peter (Sierra), David (Ivy), George (AJ), and Lucy, as well as his nephews and niece, Noah, Evelyn, and Archer, and his cherished dogs Stanley and Piper. William’s grandparents Ray and Janet Gardiner passed away before him. He is survived by his grandparents.

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