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Janay Geng Obituary, Death, Meier, Edmonton Alberta A Celebration of a Life Well-Lived

Mar 13, 2024
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Janay Geng Obituary, Death –  On December 9, 2022, Janay Geng passed away, according to her obituary. For the past 54 years, he has called Mount Prospect, Illinois his home. Prior to that, he resided in Atlanta, Georgia, where he completed his graduate studies in Electric Engineering at Georgia Tech University.

For the next 27 years, he worked as a systems engineer for the telecommunications business. After that, he retired and began working in the plumbing department at Home Depot.

In the month of January 1936, Sam Ding was born in Shan Dong, China, to his parents, George and Grace Ding. When he was at Princeton, New Jersey, in 1966, he wed Lucy. The youngsters were the center of Uncle Sam’s heart. When he went to the World Clown Association Camp in La Crosse, Wisconsin, which was a gift from his daughters for his 60th birthday, this became abundantly clear from the experience. During his time there, he gained an understanding of the art of gospel balloons, which sparked his desire to spread happiness to children all around the world.

As he journeyed from the Navajo Indian Reservations in Arizona to the plains of Kenya, Africa, the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the marketplaces in Romania, he twisted balloons into creatures and images in order to weave stories of Christ’s love to children all over the world.

In addition to being a member of the Chinese Christian Fellowship Church in Wilmette, Illinois, he was also a member of a number of other Chinese churches throughout the greater Chicago-land area and in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he resided for the final six years of his life.

In addition, he had a passion for photography and building.  When he was younger, he learned how to take gorgeous black and white photographs, the most of which featured his wife as the person being photographed.

In addition, Sam was capable of constructing anything he set his mind to, and he built his Mount Prospect home, which was 1200 square feet in size, from the ground up.

Regardless of the aforementioned considerations, the most admirable quality that Uncle Sam possessed was his humility. His heart was truly that of a servant, and he sacrificed the majority of the worldly comforts he enjoyed for the sake of others.

Monica Ding and Paula Tracy, his children, as well as his siblings Johnny Ting and David Ding, and his grandkids Amalia and Andrew Tracy, are among those who are able to carry on his legacy. His wife, Lucy Ding, passed away before him. He was married to her.

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