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John Lomax Cincinnati, Obituary, Death, Longtime WKRC Local 12 Anchor Passes At 72

Mar 13, 2024
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John Lomax Cincinnati, Obituary, Death – According to a statement that was issued by the family, John Lomax, who had been an anchor and reporter for WKRC Local 12 for many years, has passed away. He was 72 years old. Lomax was a co-anchor on “Good Morning Cincinnati” for a total of 32 years, nineteen of which were spent with Cammy Dierking. His tenure at the station spanned a total of 39 years. As of 2022, he had retired. According to the family, Lomax was diagnosed with pneumonia and brought to the hospital. While he was there, he continued to experience problems and ultimately passed away unexpectedly.

A statement was released by the Lomax family, which read as follows: “We, the Lomax family, have some sad news to share with you all.” Coasty Roscoe, a family nickname, husband, father, and unquestionably the best Pop-pop ever, passed away abruptly this morning and is now at his eternal beach in the heavens.We are unable to assert that we were ready. The unexpected nature of this was both sad and unfortunate. We are aware that this is going to be a difficult thing for a significant number of our family members and friends to learn about. Know, however, that we are all going through this together. He would not allow anyone to go through this experience by himself.If it is of any assistance, we have been conversing with him throughout the entire day.

It is our sincere wish that you discover solace in the same, as well as in the remembrances that he has left for you. What a great present. At this time, we are not making any plans for the funeral ceremonies; the wishes of Dad will lead us in a different direction. Nevertheless, we are here to celebrate his life with each and every one of you. In 1983, Lomax began his career at Local 12 as a reporter. In 1990, he transitioned into the role of morning show anchor. On April 29, 2022, he did not appear on the broadcast of “Good Morning Cincinnati” for the last time. “You know, I came here thinking that this station was a stepping stone to my next job, that I’d head somewhere else in the country after a few years,

” Lomax said in an interview with The Enquirer in the year 2022. “However, once I came, I found that I had fallen in love with the location, and I never was really interested in leaving. A wonderful adventure has been had by all.” Local 12 referred to Lomax as the “heart and soul” of the station for the past four decades. The reporters and anchors who worked together throughout the 1980s and continue to maintain a close relationship now are referred to as the “’80s kids” at Channel 12, and Lomax was a member of this group. Nick Clooney’s 90th birthday was recently celebrated by all of them coming together to get together. Bob Herzog remarked that “He was quite simply the best guy.” “I am so fortunate to have known him.”

One or two times per month, ever since Lomax retired, the two of them have been getting together. I counted him as a friend. As a mentor, he was. According to Herzog, “He was sort of like my second dad.” When my father passed away, I would call John instead of my father. It was impossible to miss him. According to Herzog, Lomax behaved in such a manner toward everyone at the station. “We referred to his office as the counselor’s office,” Herzog remarked; “The counselor’s office” “It was the place where everybody went to talk through whatever was going on. He would be of assistance to everyone, regardless of whether you had worked with him for 18 or 19 years or were the producer who had just been hired. He has such a calm and collected demeanor with him. Then, Herzog continued, “His generosity was irresistible.

” You had the impression that you could be honest with him. And viewers had the same experience, Herzog added. All things considered, Lomax was a reliable source of news, regardless of the topic matter. Over the course of many years, people began their day with him. Herzog was quoted as saying, “When John Lomax said something, you could take it so far that you could bank it.” He stated it, and that was all that was required to be uttered at that moment. Spending time with his grandchildren was something that Lomax treasured. In his statement, Herzog stated, “He did not get enough of that time.” “And he earned that.” According to Lomax, one of his favorite stories to cover was the Super Bowl in 1989, when he reported on location watching the Bengals play the San Francisco 49ers. Lomax was a reporter for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Before he departed, he expressed his excitement about the prospect of spending time by himself, not having to worry about anything, and spending time with his family. Lomax served as the grand marshal for the opening day parade that took place at the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields in 2022.
Donna Lomax, his wife, his children Lindsey and Brandon, and his grandkids are the only members of Lomax’s family to survive his passing.
Villa Hills was the home that Lomax shared with his family. He was a devoted fan of Volunteer athletics and was a native of Knoxville, Tennessee. He attended the University of Tennessee and was a great supporter of the Volunteers.

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