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Olivia Locher, Obituary, Death, Clarkston, MI, Community In Grief Following Passing Of Olivia Locher

Mar 13, 2024
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Olivia Locher, Obituary, Death – Olivia Locher, who had lived in Clarkston, Michigan for a tremendous amount of time, has passed away. She was intelligent, gorgeous, and possessed an unending supply of innovative ideas; Olivia was a natural entertainer. Unless she was dancing, she was unable to walk. Despite the fact that she had a great capacity to connect with anyone, she felt the most at ease when she was spending quality time with her family doing things like eating a delicious dinner together and watching a memorable movie.

Olivia was able to become proficient in any occupation, and she was a quick learner who was successful in all she set her mind to. Following her graduation from Thomas Jefferson High School in Bloomington, Minnesota, Olivia went on to pursue her education at the Perpich Center for Arts Teaching. She went on to study at Harold Washington College, which is located in Chicago. Olivia had a soul that was one of the kindest on the planet. A spirit that was embellished with tenderness and innocence, which emanated from the very center of her existence that she had. The recounting of stories was Olivia’s favorite pastime. While she was working with her parents to compose her booklets, she reinterpreted stories. She was able to enthrall her audience with them, and oh, how she cherished an opportunity to recount them.

Olivia was a devoted and loving sister to her brothers. Her pride was usually evident whenever she spoke to others about them. eager to learn how they fared in the events they participated in. Memories of playing board games and video games along with other people. When Olivia was with her family, she enjoyed watching movies and shows, and she enjoyed talking to other people about them. She was very discerning when it came to music and movies. Olivia was a dancer from heart. Olivia’s favorite things to do were to take her family on vacations to amusement parks, to see her friends, and most importantly, to travel locally with her community-based trips. It was impossible for Olivia to fall asleep without first listening to a bedtime story with her siblings and her parents.

The outstanding personnel at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided Olivia with medical care during her courageous journey all the way through. Her favorite thing to do was to cheer for the Eagles with her nurses. At the Recognition and Awards Assembly of 2019, a CSC tutor, a peer mentor with TRIO Student Support Services, a percussionist and the first dancer of the CSC band, and a member of the CSC premier honorary organization Woman of Character were honored with an Academic Excellence Award. All of these accomplishments took place during the 2019-2020 school year. Olivia started their study at Western Illinois University in the autumn of 2020, where they are currently working on earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Dance Minor, respectively.

Throughout their time at Summa Cum Laude, Olivia continued to achieve academic excellence, as evidenced by their constant placement on the Dean’s List and their graduation with high honors. They graced the stage as a dancer and choreographer for the WIU University Dance Theatre programs when they were not concentrating on research projects and other tasks when they were not participating in those activities.

Additionally, Olivia gave her time to participate in the WIU Psychology Department’s HOTLINE Program, which is now in operation. Olivia may be defined as nothing short of a wonder, and this is regardless of whether she is participating in academic or professional dance activities. Olivia, of course, was always dancing, choreographing pieces that were inspired by love and friendship, even when they had some spare time among themselves.

Only a select few individuals are capable of demonstrating their affection with such a precise action as Olivia did. Being always ready to offer an ear or a hand to both friends and family, as well as being always ready to give crafts, paintings, trinkets, and treats, which they loved to shower people with, was something that they were always ready to do. Not only did Olivia’s group of friends supply exceptional love, but it also gave other benefits.

Olivia had the best and one of the most diverse musical preferences in the area, so if you ever needed a decent recommendation for music, she was the person to turn to. In addition to making recommendations, they enjoyed taking their friends to concerts and shows, or they would simply enjoy spending an evening together doing nothing but listening to music or listening to music together.

It is impossible to listen to Queen and not think about them; music was an essential component of Olivia’s experience in this world. Listening to Queen is impossible. Olivia cherished the opportunity to broaden their horizons as individuals, experiment with new hairstyles styled by their pals, try out new activities, get new tattoos, and read new inspirational books and opinions.

Olivia’s love for their cats was so strong that she smothered them with attention when they were at home. In particular, she showered Meadow by nursing her back to health and providing her with extraordinary care over a variety of challenges. Olivia was a fierce protector and champion for those who were around them. She was known to do such things and had a heart for the anguish and suffering of others. Olivia could not turn a blind eye to injustice and was very protective of those around them.

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