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Obituary, Death John Lomax Cincinnati Death: RIP, former host of Local 12 Good Morning

Mar 13, 2024
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John Lomax’s demise Longtime Local 12 anchor John Lomax died away at the age of 72. John was a revered figure in the broadcasting profession and a cornerstone of the community. He had a profound influence on everyone he had the honor of knowing. He served as Local 12’s “heart and soul” for 40 years, according to Local 12. When John first started working for Local 12 in 1983, he was a reporter specializing in news from Northern Kentucky. Viewers around the area rapidly came to trust and respect him for his commitment to provide factual and perceptive news. John changed careers in 1990 and joined the cast of “Good Morning Cincinnati,” where he worked as a co-anchor for 32 years.

For many viewers, John represented more than simply a news presenter; he was a reassuring figure, a well-known face that welcomed them with warmth and friendliness every morning. His laid-back manner and sincere genuineness won over audiences of all ages, solidifying his unique place in many people’s hearts.

John had a strong desire to give back to his community in addition to his career in broadcasting. He volunteered his time and energy to support a number of worthy projects, including the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League. Numerous people were impacted by his desire for giving back and changing the world, and he left a long-lasting legacy of kindness and generosity.

John was a loving husband and father who was well-known for his constant support and affection for his family, apart from his career pursuits. Because of his nurturing and compassionate demeanor toward his coworkers, he was often known to as “The Godfather” at Local 12. What people saw on their screens was an accurate portrayal of the guy he was on a daily basis—someone with an unbounded supply of love to give to everyone in his vicinity and a heart of gold.

John leaves behind his devoted wife, Donna, his two daughters, Lindsey and Brandon, and his adored grandkids. He was the life and spirit of Local 12 for forty years, and his death at the age of seventy-two signifies the end of an era there.

Let us not forget the legacy of honesty, decency, and compassion that John Lomax left behind while we grieve his passing. As he did throughout his extraordinary life, may his legacy continue to inspire us to share happiness and love in our communities. His soul will endure despite his passing because of the many lives he touched and the lasting impression he left on everyone he came into contact with.

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