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Obituary, Death Paul Alexander, “The Man in the Iron Lung”, dies at 78 after Covid diagnosis

Mar 13, 2024
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Yesterday, Paul Alexander, known as “The Man in the Iron Lung,” passed away. Despite surviving polio in childhood, he spent over 70 years confined to an iron lung.

During this remarkable time, Paul attended college, pursued a career as a lawyer, and became a published author.

His inspiring story reached people worldwide, serving as a positive influence.

Paul’s legacy as an extraordinary role model will endure in the memories of many.

The news of Alexander’s passing was shared through a GoFundMe campaign established to assist him financially.

Philip Alexander expressed his appreciation on the GoFundMe platform, stating, “I am immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to my brother’s fundraiser. It provided him with peace of mind during his final years and will cover his funeral expenses during this challenging period. Reading all the supportive comments and knowing that Paul inspired so many people is truly remarkable. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”

The specific cause of his passing was not disclosed. Alexander, a resident of Dallas, Texas, was admitted to the hospital in late February after testing positive for COVID-19, as confirmed by his social media manager.

Although he was discharged from the hospital, he faced difficulties in consuming food and fluids.

In March of last year, Alexander was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest-living iron lung patient.

He contracted polio during a widespread epidemic of the disease in the 1950s while residing in Texas as a child.

Despite the challenges posed by his condition, Alexander successfully completed his college education, earning a law degree, and established his own legal practice.

Additionally, he authored a book titled “Three Minutes for a Dog,” which provided insights into his life experiences.

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