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June 21, 2024

Obituary, Death Robert Curtis Williams is accused with second-degree assault during the Edgewater Shooting standoff.

Mar 13, 2024
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According to court documents, an armed Edgewater resident was brought into custody outside of his home on Monday night after a protracted altercation with police officials.

He was charged with assault in the second degree. In addition, charges pertaining to firearms and reckless endangerment are being filed against 35-year-old Robert Curtis Williams. He is now being detained without the ability to post bail at the Jennifer Road Detention Center.

The 1600 block of Midland Road was the scene of an officer response on Monday just before 3:30 p.m. They talked with a member of the family there, who told them that Williams had attacked someone else in the home physically before assaulting them as well.

Williams once wrenched the person’s arm behind their back and placed them in a headlock. By the time the cops came, Williams had already locked himself into a toilet and was armed with a longer, more powerful rifle in addition to a pistol. He was also wearing ballistic body armor, according to the papers that were filed against him.

In the Capital, it is impossible to identify victims of domestic abuse. A neighbor’s drone video, which The Capital was given, showed many police vehicles and trucks at the scene, which was at Midland Road and the surrounding streets. A police department spokesperson said in a statement that “many resources” were sent to Williams’ house, but she would not say which units were engaged.

Once the police determined that Williams was the only one inside the residence, Limansky said, they “took steps to take him into custody safely.” After exiting the property, armored police officers are seen breaking down a door with a battering ram and then walking away. Williams is seen leaving the flat shortly after that. Before Williams was brought into custody, the cops used a flash grenade or shock device at some time.

Williams applied for an arrest at a time when he was not allowed to possess a pistol due to a prior conviction. Records from the court show that no defense lawyer has yet been hired in this case, nor has a court date been set for the hearing that will take place after the Tuesday bail review.

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