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Xavier Rose Obituary, Death, Marion Massachusetts, A Tribute to a Creative Soul

Mar 13, 2024
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Xavier Rose Obituary, Death – Was a native of Tucson for most of his life except when he served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 to 1972. While in the Navy he trained to be Dental technician which led him to his life’s work as a Certified Dental technician with his own dental laboratory. He was known by many names: son, brother, husband, father, and friend. He may have been called Francisco but he went by Xavier, Rod, Harvey or Rodney only a few that comes to mind. After the Navy he returned to the U of A and finished his Bachelor of Arts with minor in Business and psychology in 1981. He worked and went to school to accomplish this.

He was very proud that he persisted through many obstacles to achieve this goal. He passed that education was important to his children. He went into business with his friend who also became partner in 1987? They worked together until his partner retired and he went into business for himself in 2009. Xavier was very proud of his business and the work it produced. He was proud of the people that worked with him because they helped to make his business successful and produced quality dental products. As a child he took violin lessons.

His younger years were spent being a student and altar server at Santa Cruz Church and School. He attended Salpointe Catholic high school, played tuba in the Salpointe band, played in the Changitos Feos and began his long catching career with the Salpointe baseball team. Even while he was in the Navy he joined softball teams playing catcher. After returning to Tucson he caught for friend’s team in City leagues then went on to helping coach women’s teams that his wife and cousin played on. He was always involved at Santa Cruz Church. Most recently he served on the Santa Cruz finance committee.

He also has been a lector for several years and even with mobility problems has continued to lector. He was very devoted to his faith and Santa Cruz which was a part of his life from his childhood.

He and his parents Pancho Gordito and Juana and his sister Ruth Cuqui were always involved with Santa Cruz Church through music and religious education. He married his wife Maggie of 53 years at St. Ambrose church. When they returned to Tucson after serving in the Navy, he became active at Santa Cruz with his family.

His, children Ana and Joey received all their sacraments at Santa Cruz. He was very proud to welcome Ana’s husband Armando and his family, and Joey’s wife Ashleigh and her family as part of our growing family. He was proud to be a grandfather of Gracie, Aiden, Alex, and Emma.

He would love to spend time watching TV with them, picking them up from school, going to baseball games and attending performances. Besides faith, family was always important. He valued his family, friends and friendships doing all he could to help and be supportive of them.

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