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Brian Nault Obituary, Death, Boston MA Resident Has Passed Away, Know More

Mar 14, 2024
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Brian Nault Obituary, Death – May God bless the bandi that rides a single wheel. May you be blessed always. On Saturday, March 12, 2022, Lawrence William Doerr, DDS, a guy who was known for his kindness and dedication, was suddenly called to go to his eternal life.

He was a man who was recognized for his warmth and passion. He will be remembered for his selflessness and his commitment to others. Over the course of over forty years, Larry Doerr, a dentist, was employed in the Kirkwood area. Since the beginning of his profession, he has been working there.

When it came to leadership, Larry exhibited a positive attitude and a significant amount of effort by prioritizing the requirements of others before his own requirements. Her parents were Rosemary Kisling Doerr and Louis John Doerr, and she was born in the year 1955 in the city of St. Louis. Louis John Doerr was her father, and she was his daughter. In spite of the fact that Larry was the middle child of five children, he quickly realized that being kind to everyone gave a variety of advantages. “He was the child in the middle.”

Leaving behind his cherished wife, Anne Lueckenhoff Doerr, with whom he had just recently celebrated forty years of marriage, is the person that Larry is about to part ways with. In addition to being quite proud of his two daughters, Emily Friedrichs and Bridget Openlander, Larry was also extremely proud of the fact that both of his daughters were married to their respective husbands, who were called Andrew and Denis, respectively.

In the event that he was ultimately given the opportunity to communicate with his first grandkids, George Alexander Openlander and William John Friedrichs, who were born earlier this year, he did so with a great degree of excitement and anticipation.

Before Larry passed away, his brother, Dr. Thomas Doerr, who was married to Kathy, and his brother-in-law, William Lueckenhoff, who was married to Trina, had already passed away. Larry’s death came after the deaths of both of these individuals. Before his birth, both of his parents, Lou and Rosemary, had already passed away. He was one of their children. It is his three siblings, John Doerr (Ann), Susan Mathieu (Allen), and Sally Doyle (Jerry), who will carry on his legacy after he has died away. They are the ones who will carry on his legacy.

There are a number of sisters and brothers-in-law that he leaves behind, including Claire Phillips (Jack), Ed Lueckenhoff (Sandy), Joe Lueckenhoff (Judy Cavalieri), and Tom Lueckenhoff. His brothers-in-law are also among those he leaves behind. Known as Sandy Lueckenhoff, Eddie Lueckenhoff is married to Sandy. Every one of his seven nieces, Marie, Jennifer, Jaime, Mary, Kelly, Esther, and Shannon, as well as his 10 nephews, Joe, Kevin, Eric, Matt, Andy, Mark, Kyle, Greg, Patrick, and Max, had a great deal of affection for him. All 10 of his nephews and seven of his nieces had a great deal of affection for him. The year 1973 marked the year when Larry graduated from Chaminade College Prep with a degree.

When he graduated from Washington University in 1977, he was awarded his degree. The University of Missouri in Kansas City School of Dentistry awarded him his degree in 1981. He graduated with a degree in dentistry. Being a mentor to students at the A. T. Still Missouri School of Dentistry provided Larry a great deal of enjoyment, which he realized after he had recently retired from his position as a dentist in private practice.

A significant amount of memorabilia from the St. Louis Cardinals can be found in Larry’s office, which is evidence that he is a huge fan of the team. Memorabilia from the squad can be found spread all throughout Larry’s workplace. In addition to that, he was a fan of the Blues hockey team, college basketball, and professional football, with a particular emphasis on the Kansas City Chiefs. He was also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. In the earlier years of his life, Larry, who had always been an athlete, had participated in a number of different physical pursuits.

Two of these endeavors were triathlons and marathons. With the passage of time, he created a routine that consisted of traveling on Grants Trail by bicycle, engaging in physical activity, and swimming in any body of water that was located in close proximity to him. There are still a few records that he holds in the butterfly for the Senior Olympics that he is willing to give up. In the Senior Olympics, he was able to break them.

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