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Bryce Gage, Vereena Sayed Accident – Van Nuys Traffic Collision

Mar 14, 2024
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Continue to offer up prayers and thoughts for Bryce Gage’s family and friends. Bryce, and American YouTuber Vereena Sayed, 20, were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident on Wednesday, February 28, and Bryce passed away from her injuries.

In Los Angeles, California, Bryce, the rider, and Vereena, the passenger, were involved in a bike crash with an SUV. According to the authorities, Bryce passed away at the scene from her wounds.

After sustaining serious injuries in the motorcycle accident, Vereena is currently struggling for her life in the intensive care unit.

She sustained minor wounds to other body parts in addition to her hand.

Bryce will be missed dearly. It is impossible to put into words how much she meant to everyone who knew her. She transformed and touched the lives of many members of her family and community, gave selflessly and loved with all of her heart, left a legacy, and left a light that will never go out.

Thoughts and prayers are being sent her way, everyone should be reminded of how valuable the relationships you have with those around you are during these really trying times. Every second counts.

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