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Jaime Betancourt Obituary, Death, Combat Logistics Battalion 4 Mourns Former CLB-4 Marine

Mar 14, 2024
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Michael Harthcock Obituary, Death – Alec “Gary” Harthcock, who had been battling cancer for five years, went away in a calm and serene manner on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at the residence of his daughter. He was surrounded by his children and fellow family members.

Initially, Gary received a football scholarship to attend East Central Junior College, after which he went on to attend Newton High School. After that, he went on to study business at Mississippi State University and The University of Southern Mississippi, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the appropriate field.

A fan of Michigan State University throughout his entire life. After graduating from college, Gary began working as a surveyor on the pipeline, which is when he acquired a passion for traveling. Eventually, he took a job with the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, where he remained employed for a quarter of a century before finally retiring.

He enjoyed a wide variety of activities, all of which went outside. Gary’s hobbies included gardening, fishing, and golfing. He had a one-of-a-kind sense of humor and a passion for sharing jokes, both of which helped him make friends wherever he went. Each of his three children was left with a very favorable impression as a result of his commitment to being a loving father.

His resilience after enduring a number of surgical procedures, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy was a source of motivation. His concentration was on spending time with his family and friends, and he never once grumbled about anything.

He found a great deal of solace in his religious beliefs and in reading the Bible. Most of the time, he was happiest when he was with his family, in the garden, or on the pier in Gulf Shores with his son, catching king mackerel while drinking sweet tea and eating ham sandwiches.

Jessie Michael Haley of Bolton, Mississippi, Ashley Harthcock of Nashville, Tennessee, and Jake Harthcock of Madison, Mississippi are Gary’s children who are left behind after his passing. Suzanne Harthcock of Newton, Mississippi, Patti Simmons of Foley, Alabama, and Jane Harthcock of Newton, Mississippi are his siblings. Tommy Jr. in Newton, Mississippi.

There are other nieces and nephews. In addition to Tiffany Peter and her son Graham Hillerman of Alpharetta, Georgia, there is also Shelby Harthcock of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and Tommy Harthcock III of Starkville, Mississippi.

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