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Joseph Calandra Obituary, Death, A Heartfelt Farewell To Joseph Calandra

Mar 14, 2024
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Joseph Calandra Obituary, Death – My father, Joseph Calandra, passed away, and it is with a terrible feeling in my heart that I share this news with you…It was earlier this evening when he died away while he was sleeping. My intuition tells me that he is in heaven with his lovely wife Mary, and that he is content with his life. It would be very appreciated if you would pray for him and our team. Two years have passed, and I still can’t believe it.

You never leave my thoughts, and more importantly, you are always in my heart. I keep a photo of you close by so that I will never forget it. When I think about how much your family still needs you, that brings tears to my eyes. I have reread your letters. Numerous questions that remain unresolved. Having the knowledge that your spirit is liberated and content brings me comfort. In addition, I am aware that each of us has been bestowed with a guardian angel. All of my affection. Within the Charlotte Correctional Institution, I serve as the Council Chairman of the Kairos Prison Ministry.

The four-day weekend that we had there was attended by Joseph. It was a privilege to get to know him and to be in his presence. It was clear that Christ was the source of his strength.

I am filled with joy at the realization that he has currently been received into the arms of Christ, and that I will one day be able to see him again. Congratulations, Brother! Joseph, who was my first cousin, was described by his kid as being more like a brother than a cousin. I could chat to him about anything and everything because he was my best buddy.

I always looked forward to receiving his e-mails since he was so encouraging and optimistic despite the circumstances. He was detained for a total of 28 years of his life, but he never lost his optimistic outlook. Never once did he exhibit any signs of hatred or fury. Every single one of the other men who were confined deferred to him.

She would always have something positive to say about him, and he would always make sure to introduce me whenever I came to visit. It is my sincere desire that he would have been granted parole; I am convinced that he would have been able to accomplish a great deal for a great number of people.

He was a man who put in a lot of effort, and I feel that he had continued to do so. What he had to go through in his lifetime is something that I can only picture. During his childhood, he was brought up by two great parents who loved him with all their hearts. Christopher and Brad were his two amazing boys. He has two sons.

The two of them are such nice and kind young men at this point in time. They were also forced to go through a lot over their lifetime. Having never had the opportunity to spend meaningful time with his grandchildren in the real world is something that makes me feel terrible. That I am writing this and that my baby cousin has passed away is something that I simply cannot comprehend. My heart will always hold a special place for him.

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