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Sean Tallaire Obituary Canadian, Former Professional Ice Hockey Player Has Died – Death

Mar 14, 2024
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Sean Tallaire Obituary, Cause of Death – On Friday afternoon, March 8th, 2024, Sean D. Ahern, 45 years old, passed away abruptly after falling into respiratory arrest due to bacterial complications from the flu. His passing came as a complete and total surprise. It was not the manner in which Sean passed away that made him a hero; rather, it was the way in which he lived. Someone who, in the face of peril, fights against adversity, has amazing courage, has outstanding accomplishments, and possesses noble traits is considered to be a hero. The heroism that Sean displayed throughout his life and community was demonstrated by the fact that he made sure to leave people and animals in a better state than he found them.

The 10th of April, 1978 found Sean being brought into the world by his parents, Christine and John, at Boynton Beach, Florida. He had a deep affection for going to the beach and swimming with his mother, Christine, and his younger sister, Nikole, when he was a toddler. Sean’s mother went on to become an Olympic-level swimmer, and she began teaching her children how to swim well before they were even able to crawl. In addition, John, Sean’s father, relished the opportunity to take his sons, Sean and Nikole, on road journeys that would take them anywhere the road could take them.

It was during his last years of high school that he relocated to the region of Upstate New York, where he attended The Adirondack School and graduated with honors. There, if he had the opportunity, he would take his younger brother and sister, Colleen and Andy, to the movies. He enjoyed doing this very much. Additionally, he assisted his stepfather Lance, whom he cherished deeply, in the process of bailing hay on the farm during a number of summers. After completing his education at Syracuse University, where he was awarded a full scholarship, Sean went on to serve as an intelligence officer in the United States Army, particularly in the regions of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan.

At the time of his service in the military, Sean was promoted to the rank of sergeant and received a number of decorations and distinctions, including the Bronze Star. Sean became an officer with the Endicott Police Department after serving his community for a number of years. He served for a total of 19 years, during which time he spent a significant portion of his time working for the department as a crisis negotiator and as the Vice President of his union. In later years of his life, Sean and his family settled down in Skaneateles, and it was there that they started building the life of their dreams.

As a member of the American Legion and the American Legion of America, Sean devoted a significant amount of time and energy to establishing his roots in the communities of Skaneateles and Auburn. Sean frequently remarked that the residents of both communities were among the most charitable he had ever encountered in his life. Up until the day he was taken from us, Sean was a devoted and loving father who worked hard to provide a good life for his wife and children. He worked hard until the day he was taken from us. Not only was Sean a hero in the community, but he was also a hero in his own house, where his wife and children admired him and the love that he surrounded them with.

The days that Sean enjoyed the most were the ones that he spent with his family engaging in activities such as going to the beach, amusement parks, playing soccer in the backyard, or watching movies and playing games. Not only did he possess a wonderful sense of humor, but he also had an insatiable appetite for learning, history, and adventure. He took great pride in being an Irishman, and it was not uncommon to hear him singing some of his favorite Celtic tunes anywhere in the property or the town. His wife Lindsay and their four children, Molly, Madeleine, Margaret, and John Edmund, as well as his mother and step-father Christine and Lance Seymour, his father and step-mother John and Jane Ahern, his sisters Laurie Ahern, Nikole (Lucas) Kohn, and Colleen Spann, and his brother Andrew (Brianne) Seymour, as well as a number of nieces and nephews, are among those who are left behind after Sean’s passing.

On Friday, March 15, at ten o’clock in the morning, there will be a funeral service held at St. Mary’s of the Lake Church here in Skaneateles. This will be followed by a private burial at Lakeview Cemetery. Officer Ahern, who served in the military, will be honored with military honors at his funeral because he was a veteran. On Friday, March 15, at noon, there will be a celebration of Officer Ahern’s life held at Skaneateles American Legion Post 239. The public is encouraged to attend this event, which will begin at noon.

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