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Daniel Atchison Obituary, Death, Honoring The Memory Of Daniel Atchison

Mar 15, 2024
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Daniel Atchison Obituary, Death Cause –A man who lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, and who had reached the age of 61 at the time of his untimely demise passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at his residence on March 13, 2024. His death was a tragic and untimely event that occurred at the time of his untimely demise. St. Paul, Minnesota was the location where Dan Atchison was born on March 21st, 1962. He was born in the year 1962. The year 1962 could be considered the beginning of his life. The responsibility for his upbringing was shared by his parents, Robert and Nathalie Atchison, both of whom resided in Atchison. In honor of both of his parents, his mother gave him the names of both of them. He felt a great level of contentment as a result of the fact that he was able to spend time with the people who were significant to him, such as his family and his friends.

His most treasured activities included things like going camping and spending time around the fire. He also enjoyed spending time with his family. It was a pleasure for him to participate in both of these activities to do. Along with that, he enjoyed going hunting and following the Minnesota collegiate and professional sports teams that were based in the area. He also enjoyed watching the Minnesota Vikings. He was also a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and enjoyed watching them play. Both of these activities were things that he took pleasure in indulging in.

Dan is survived by his wife, Susan; his daughters Amy and Kelly (Paul); his son Anthony (Laura); his grandchildren Kendra, Callie, Holden, and Wesson; his mother, Nathalie; his sisters Pam and Karla; his brothers Craig (Pat) and Mike (Lori); his sisters-in-law Pat and Joan (Mark); his brothers-in-law Jim (Karen), Bob (Lisa), John (Diana), and Fran; and a large number of nieces and nephews. As soon as Daniel received his diploma from Frankton High School, where he had completed his secondary education up until that point, he went on to devote the most of his life to working in the construction industry. In later years, he went on to establish himself as a prosperous construction worker.

It was Miller Pipe Line, the company where he had been employed for the longest duration of time, that he was working for at the time of his most recent job. He had been working there for the longest period of time. At the beginning of their marriage, which began on August 31, 1985, he and Valerie K. Huffman exchanged their vows and became dedicated to one another. This event marked the beginning of their marriage and made them husband and wife. The fact that Mr. Atchison will continue to call this establishment his home is something that can be anticipated. Daniel, a proud father and grandfather, made it a point to purchase homes for his family that were situated in close proximity to his own residence. He thought this would be the best way to provide for his family. This was something that he did anytime he had the opportunity to do so.

He was of the opinion that engaging in this activity would be the most efficient way for him to provide for his family. Because this care was taken, it was possible for his family to constantly be living in close proximity to him. This was made possible as a result of the fact that this precaution was taken. He came to the realization that the thing that provided him the greatest joy was being in the company of his grandchildren. This was in addition to the fact that he was a man who had a tremendous dedication to his family. This was the thing that provided him the greatest amount of joy in his life.

Unquestionably, without a shadow of a doubt, something that was quite challenging to comprehend was the everlasting commitment that he had to his family. Daniel is also survived by his three daughters, Cheryl L. Brown, Colorado; Michelle L. (Richard) Burns and Jennifer A. (Bryan) Eskridge, both of Marion; 5 sisters, Barbara Rush, Elkhart, Colletta (Emmit) Crowder and Deborah (Randy) Streetman, all of Elkhart; Nadine Dickson, Bristol, Indiana; Sheliah (Kenny) Gross, Frankton; 7 grandchildren, Eric Brown, Allie Brown, Ricky Bearden,Danielle Eskridge, Trey Eskridge, Zach Burns, Kaylee Burns; mother-in-law, Janet L. Huffman, Marion.

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