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Dave Novak Obituary, Death, Forest Park Illinois Person Has Tragically Passed Away, Know More

Mar 15, 2024
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Dave Novak Obituary, Death – Utica, New York is the location where he was born, and his birthday is the eleventh of December in the year 1969. During the time that he was engaging in the program, he was a student at FM High School and taken part in the program. Following the completion of his studies at Hartwick College, where he earned a degree in Business Administration, he moved on to establish himself as the Business Manager for a dental practice. Following the conclusion of his studies at Hartwick College, he carried out this action. Unfortunately for him, he was engaged in an accident that caused him to lose his job and prohibited him from seeking new career opportunities.

In addition to being a golf enthusiast who had a lot of “holes in one” on a range of courses, he was a sports lover who enjoyed playing in a wide variety of sports. He was also a golf aficionado. As a golf aficionado, he had a history of “holes in one.” He was also a golf enthusiast. He was seen attending the games that were being played at Syracuse University on a regular basis, which is not surprising given that he is a supporter of the athletics program at the university. In addition to being a fan of the team, he was also a participant in the athletics program at Syracuse University. Jakob, David’s son, and David were both dedicated fans of the New York Yankees.

Jakob was also a fan of the Yankees. Moreover, Jakob was a devoted supporter of the Yankees. Additionally, Jakob was a fan of the Yankees throughout his life. He is survived by his children Jakob and Emma Novak, whom he loved very much; his parents Raymond and Marilyn of Fayetteville; one sister Sandra Diehl of New Fairfield, Connecticut, who is married to Donald; one brother Ronald Diehl of Pulaski, who is married to Katherine; his aunt and uncle, James and Mary Lynn Novak of New Jersey; and seven nieces and nephews. He was a beloved member of the Novak family. In the Novak family, he was a much-loved and respected member. The Novak family held him in high esteem and cherished him as a part of the family.

Both Connecticut and New York are the states that are home to all of these relatives in their entirety. One of the people with whom he kept a very strong connection was his uncle James Novak, who had supported him in a significant way over the course of the past few years. He had been a huge source of assistance to him. Beloved son of Andrew “Andy” Novak, who passed away, and Emily S. Novak, who was formerly known as Martinek; dedicated sibling of Susan M. Novak; valued cousin and friend of ours; and devoted to his family and friends by his unflinching dedication. A viewing is going to take place at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Tuesday, November 23, from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM.

The viewing is set to take place. Florissant, Missouri 63031 is the location of the church, which can be found at 751 North Jefferson Street. The funeral service will begin at ten o’clock in the morning, and shortly after that, the burial will take place in the St. Ferdinand Cemetery. Both events will take place in the morning. In lieu of sending flowers, it would be greatly appreciated if you could make a memorial contribution to the American Cancer Society in David’s name. Thank you for your consideration. He would be honored by donations made in his name. In the years that followed his graduation from college, he worked for Hunting Elevator in Cresco, Iowa, initially as an assistant manager and then later as a manager in Grand Meadow, Minnesota and Canton, South Dakota. Hunting Elevator was located in Cresco, Iowa.

The Hunting Elevator in Cresco was where he got his start in the industry. His first job in the sector was at the Hunting Elevator in Cresco, where he began his profession. Around the same time that they moved their family to St. Charles, Minnesota, in the year 1997, Dave was working as an operations manager for both the Terra and ProSource One businesses. The municipality of St. Charles can be found in the state of Minnesota. It was via the relocation of their family that they were able to successfully complete this move. While the event in issue was taking place, he was working as the manager of Winfield Solutions in Lewiston, which is located in the state of Minnesota. Fishing, hunting, riding motorcycles, playing cards, pool, foosball, barbecuing, and golfing were just some of the many activities that Dave enjoyed doing. He also enjoyed riding motorcycles.

In addition to that, he enjoyed hunting and fishing. Golf was another one of his pastimes that he enjoyed doing. As an added point of interest, he was a fan of both the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Vikings when they were playing in football games. He was a supporter of both teams. His family, and especially his grandchildren, were the things that brought him the most joy and made him feel the most pleased during his entire life. They were the things that made him feel the most happy. In addition to his notably rapid wit, Dave was well-known for his ability to deliver a response to any question that was asked of him. He has a reputation for being able to do this. Regularly, he offered assistance to his family and friends in a manner that was unassuming by showing up in any context when it was necessary to do so.

He did this by showing up when it was necessary to do so. He was able to accomplish this simply showing up whenever it was required to provide care for them. If he were to pass away, it would be a horrible sorrow for everyone who were close to him, including his friends and family. Without a shadow of a doubt, he will be greatly missed by many. Dave was a member of the family and went to St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. He was associated with the family. The congregation that went to the church included him as a member of the congregation. He is survived by his wife, Irene; two daughters, Deanna (Nick) Wiersma and Amy (Ryan) Tjepkes; five grandchildren, Collin, Danica & Clayton Wiersma and Ivy & Wrenly Tjepkes; brothers and sisters, Audrey (Russell) Lensing, Ron (Mary) Novak, Perry (Wendy) Novak, June Moudry, Cindy (Joe) Streif & Audrey (Russell) Lensing; mother-in-law, Marian Lensing Retterath; brothers and sisters-in-law, Wanda Cole, Marvin (LaDeane) Lensing.

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