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John Twernbold Obituary, Pennsylvania, John Twernbold Has Sadly Passed Away

Mar 15, 2024
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John Twernbold Obituary, Death Cause – Megan Licklider’s Obituary for John Twernbold To those who knew her, Twernbold was more than a name; she was an inspiration, a rock of support, and a light in the darkness. The community she loved so much, as well as her loved ones, are devastated by her unexpected death on November 26 at the age of 36.

At her house in Litchfield, Megan took her own life after a quiet fight with despair overwhelmed her. Her husband John, son Jack Sand, parents Dan and Sandra Licklider, sister Mandy Licklider Bond, and many students whose lives she touched will always treasure the kind and generous legacy she leaves behind. Megan was an extraordinary lady who gracefully and compassionately juggled numerous roles. She exuded love and generosity in all her roles: mother, daughter, wife, aunt, and educator.

Her positive attitude and contagious grin made her words an inspiration. Even though Megan had a tough life, she overcame adversity by spreading positivity and love wherever she went. In whatever that Megan accomplished, her love of learning shone through. After graduating from the University of Minnesota–Duluth with a BA in history and a BM in Spanish, she went on to become a teacher.

She began her career in education as a substitute teacher at Renville County West and eventually became a full-time elementary Spanish teacher. Megan had a profound impact on many people throughout her tenure at RCW because to her unfaltering commitment to her pupils. In spite of her struggles with self-doubt, Megan never stopped wanting to have an impact. She wanted to see the stigma around sadness lifted, so she campaigned for mental health awareness.

Mandy Licklider Bond, Megan’s sister, said that she hopes her sister’s death may be a lesson to others who are depressed and that they will not have to suffer in secret. After her brother Kyle committed himself when he was fifteen years old, Megan’s struggle with depression became firmly entrenched. Megan was deeply affected by this terrible tragedy and battled emotions of wrath, guilt, and responsibility for her brother’s death.

Megan struggled to recover from the crippling affects of depression, even after seeing a mental health expert and taking medication. Instead of flowers, Megan’s family has set up a memorial fund to help pay for Jack’s college expenses. They want to make sure that Megan’s kid keeps getting the love and support that she so much loved, in honor of her hopes and goals for him.

The memory of Megan Licklider Twernbold will endure forever in the affections of her friends and family. Her infectious laugh, strong work ethic, and love of learning will live on in our memories. Nobody will ever forget the difference she made in the lives of her pupils, coworkers, and community members, and her example of living life to the fullest will be an inspiration to many. She deserves peace of mind.

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