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Amanda Richmond Rogers Death, Body of woman missing since December located in Eagle River

Amanda Richmond Rogers Death, Body of woman missing since December located in Eagle River

Mar 27, 2024
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Amanda Richmond Rogers Death, Missing Found Dead – The body of a woman who had been reported missing on December 23 of the previous year in Eagle River has been discovered. The woman’s body was discovered not too long ago.

An avid outdoorswoman named Amanda Richmond Rogers, who was 45 years old and a mother of four, was reported missing after she dove into icy waters in order to save one of her dogs that had broken through the ice. Officials confirmed to the family on Tuesday that the body that was found in the Eagle River on Palm Sunday was that of Amanda Richmond Rogers. This information was provided to the family by the representatives of the government.

The Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Dive Search Rescue and Recovery Team performed a tireless search in an effort to locate Richmond Rogers, who was seen at one point swimming beneath a layer of ice in an attempt to reach her cherished pet.

The search was conducted in an effort to locate Richmond Rogers. Amanda’s sister, Jennifer Richmond, provided evidence that Amanda was found to be holding her puppy in her arms. Jennifer Richmond’s testimony was quite convincing. Additionally, Jennifer Richmond mentioned that her sons made the statement to her that “she really did die a hero.”

Over the course of Sunday, a person informed the Anchorage Police Department that they had discovered the bones of a deceased person. The skeletal remains were discovered near Eagle River, close to the trailhead for the North Fork Trail.

An official message from the police department stated that the body of a woman had been collected from the river and taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for the purpose of identification and to determine the cause of death. The body was found in the river.

In the beginning of this month, a memorial service was conducted in honor of the woman who had vanished. She was a pediatric hospice nurse and an emergency room nurse, and she had a significant influence on the lives of a great number of people.

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