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Fullerton Shooting, Police in Fullerton murdered a bank robber who claimed to have an explosive device

Fullerton Shooting, Police in Fullerton murdered a bank robber who claimed to have an explosive device

Mar 27, 2024
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Fullerton Shooting – An man who claimed to be in possession of an explosive device was fatally shot by law enforcement authorities on Tuesday in front of a Wells Fargo branch in Fullerton. The alleged explosive device was found in the individual’s possession.

According to a statement made by the Fullerton Police Department, officers were summoned to the bank, which is situated in the 100 block of W. Bastanchury Road, at approximately 5:10 p.m., after receiving information of a suspected bank robbery. According to the suspect, he was in possession of an explosive device at the time of the incident.

The official statement was as follows: “While inside the bank, witnesses stated that the suspect produced what appeared to be an explosive device,” the statement read. “Upon exiting the bank, an officer involved shooting occurred.” It was determined that the subject had passed away at the scene. The identify of the individual in question has not been revealed as of yet.

For the purpose of providing help with the inquiry, the Bomb Squad of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was sent to the location in question. Due to the fact that SkyCal was flying overhead, it was easy to see a considerable police presence outside of the bank. Throughout the course of their investigation, they had constructed a sizable perimeter that was off-limits to the general public.

It was noted that members of the Bomb Squad were operating both a drone and a robot, both of which were studying an unexplained object that was lying close to the individual who was standing on the floor outside of the shop.

The individual was a member of the Bomb Squad. A video that was filmed at the scene captured the moments when law enforcement officers arrived with their firearms drawn. The video also captured the back of the shop, where employees were scrambling to safeguard themselves.

According to the Fullerton Police Department, personnel were evacuated as a result of the threat. This information was revealed by the department. Neither the employees of the bank nor the law enforcement officers have been reported to have sustained any injuries.

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