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Mark Mitchell Obituary, Former Buckeyes Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach, Ohio Has Died

Mark Mitchell Obituary, Former Buckeyes Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach, Ohio Has Died

Mar 27, 2024
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Mark Mitchell Obituary, Death Cause – In addition to being the father of Kelsey Mitchell, a guard for the Indiana Fever and a former outstanding player at Ohio State, Mitchell was the men’s basketball coach at Wilberforce University for the previous four seasons. Kelsey Mitchell is currently playing for the Indiana Fever. A National Association of Independent Women (NAIA) program can be found in Wilberforce, Ohio, more especially in Greene County. Mitchell is said to have had a significant impact on a number of people, as stated by Berdo Allen, the boys basketball coach at Withrow, who obtained his own degree from Taft in 1996. Allen’s time at Taft was spent with Mitchell serving as an assistant coach throughout his time there.

Allen remarked that he exhibited a combination of strength and affection in his personality. I was rendered speechless by the news. At all times, he made it clear that he should be contacted without fail in the event that anyone ever required anything. His honesty prepared us for the truths that we would encounter in our everyday lives.

After serving as an assistant coach for the Ohio State women’s basketball team for a period of four years, Mitchell returned to his position as a high school basketball coach in the Cincinnati area prior to joining Wilberforce. The accomplishment of becoming Ohio State’s first female basketball player to win the All-American championship four times, in addition to a number of other awards, was made possible by Mitchell’s assistance to his daughter Kelsey, who helped her achieve this distinction. During the 2018 Women’s National Basketball Association Draft, the Indiana Fever selected Kelsey Mitchell with the second overall pick.

The statement that was given to WCPO 9 by Kevin McGuff, the head coach of the Ohio State women’s basketball team, read, “We are deeply saddened to learn about the death of former assistant coach Mark Mitchell.” The level of commitment that Mark displayed toward his family, friends, and players was truly remarkable or extraordinary. Because of his passion for young people, he was able to have a significant impact on the lives of a number of people who were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to engage under his direction. The members of the extended family, including Cheryl, Kelsey, Chelsea, Kevin, and Cam, are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Since the beginning of time, we will always remember Mark and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

It was the first time that Taft had ever competed in the state championship game, and it was under Mark Mitchell’s direction that the team won the Division III state championship in 2011. Over the course of that specific season, Taft was able to accomplish a record of 25 victories and did not suffer any losses to teams that were based in the state of Ohio.

Ricardo Hill, the coach of the Indian Hill boys basketball team, acknowledged the significant influence that Mitchell has had on the sport of high school basketball, particularly in reference to Taft’s victory in the state championship game. He claims that Mitchell was the driving force behind Taft’s remarkable achievements in basketball and other disciplines, and that these accomplishments were all due to Mitchell’s direction.

The city of Cincinnati is in a state of mourning today, according to Hill.

During Mitchell’s tenure as head coach at Taft, the Senators achieved exceptional success, as seen by their eight championships in the Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference, nine sectional titles, four district titles, and even a state championship. In appreciation of his accomplishments, he was awarded the CMAC coach of the year title a total of eight times. This is according to Mitchell’s coaching biography, which states that he swiftly improved the Senators’ program in his first year of coaching, earning a record of 22-3 and winning the city championship. After acquiring a club that had 10 consecutive losing seasons, this remarkable reversal occurred after the club had been in a losing streak.

“Coach Mark Mitchell was a coach who consistently motivated and inspired the students of CPS, sharing his passion and energy,” stated Josh Hardin, who is the Manager of Athletics at Cincinnati Public Schools. “Coach Mitchell was a coach who shared his passion!” “He was an exceptional coach, reaching the level of a state champion, and he had a positive impact on the students and staff who were under his guidance,” the statement reads.The lack of his presence will be keenly felt throughout the basketball community as well as the community of Cincinnati.

Between the years 2001 and 2003, Mitchell served as an assistant coach at Winton Woods High School. This was prior to his employment at Taft. While he was there, he made a significant contribution to the success of the team by assisting them in achieving the position of runner-up in the Division I state event in the year 2002. The friendship between Mitchell and Dan Fleming, who had previously served as the head coach of the La Salle basketball team for a considerable amount of time, continued for a very long time.

It was Fleming who made the statement that “He was a compassionate individual who genuinely cared about his colleagues.” It is important to note that the loss is crucial not only for the sport of basketball but also for the neighborhood of Cincinnati. During the 2018–19 school year, Mitchell was active on the coaching staff at Western Hills. Additionally, during the 1997–1998 school year, he was the head coach of the junior varsity basketball team at Western Hills and served as an assistant coach for the varsity boys basketball team. The varsity summer league program was under his direction in 1997, and he served as the head coach.

Mitchell worked as a physical education and health teacher at Taft (2003-2013), Winton Woods (2002-03), and in the Lakota Schools from 1993-2002. In addition to his coaching career, Mitchell also worked in the educational system. Mitchell, who graduated from Princeton High School in 1985, was a member of the Vikings football team that won the Division I state championship in 1983. Mitchell played offensive guard for the Vikings program. Following that, he subsequently gave a performance at Eastern Kentucky University.

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