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April 21, 2024
Multiple vehicles involved in crash on I-275 near Anderson Township

Multiple vehicles involved in crash on I-275 near Anderson Township

Mar 27, 2024
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Hamilton County deputies are currently responding to a significant vehicular accident in Anderson Township that has resulted in the blockage of lanes on both sides of the highway. The incident, which occurred between the Kellogg Avenue and New Richmond exits on I-275, has disrupted the flow of traffic and prompted authorities to advise alternate routes for commuters.

Preliminary reports indicate that a vehicle involved in the crash on the westbound side of I-275 somehow managed to cross over onto the eastbound side, exacerbating the traffic situation. The cause of the accident and the sequence of events leading to the vehicle crossing the median are under investigation.

As of now, all lanes on the westbound side of the highway are blocked, while the two right lanes on the eastbound side are also inaccessible to traffic. Hamilton County deputies, along with other emergency response teams, are on the scene, working to clear the debris and manage the flow of traffic.

While injuries have been reported in connection with the crash, details regarding the number of individuals injured or the severity of the injuries have not been officially confirmed by WLWT or law enforcement agencies.

Motorists traveling through the area are urged to seek alternate routes to avoid delays and to allow emergency responders to manage the situation effectively. The WLWT mobile app, available for free in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play, provides real-time updates on traffic conditions and other local news stories, enabling residents and commuters in the area to stay informed.

The community is reminded of the importance of driving safely and being vigilant of road conditions, especially in areas prone to accidents or during adverse weather conditions. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and other involved agencies are committed to promptly clearing the scene and restoring normal traffic flow on I-275 as quickly and safely as possible.

As the situation develops, further details about the cause of the crash, the condition of those involved, and the expected duration of traffic disruptions will be provided. The local community extends its thoughts to those affected by this incident and appreciates the swift response of emergency services and law enforcement personnel.

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