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Shaunda Bizzell Death, A Driver Hit And Killed A Woman Who Was Walking Through Her Neighborhood

Shaunda Bizzell Death, A Driver Hit And Killed A Woman Who Was Walking Through Her Neighborhood

Mar 27, 2024
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Shaunda Bizzell Death Cause – The Chesterfield County Police Department reports that a woman was walking through her neighborhood in Chesterfield County when she was struck and killed by a vehicle. The incident in question occurred in Chesterfield County. The driver has been identified as Daniel N. Anderson, who is 22 years old, according to the police agency.

Following his capture, he was brought into custody and charged with murder in the second degree subsequent to his arrest. A neighborhood located off Route 1 in Amherst was the location where the event took place on Monday evening, just before seven o’clock. As stated by the authorities, Anderson made a call to the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) and “identified himself.” After that, he is said to have made a number of statements that were menacing, including threats to shoot a school, bomb a building, and fight police officers.

As soon as they arrived, law enforcement officials learned that an accident had occurred on Amherst Ridge Loop. The collision involved a Hyundai from the year 2012 and two pedestrians. “Officers quickly determined that the driver of the vehicle, identified as Anderson, was the same man who had called the ECC and made threatening statements,” the spokeswoman for the Chesterfield Police Department stated in an email.

“The driver of the vehicle was identified as Allen Anderson.” “Anderson was brought into arrest at the scene of the incident due to the fact that he did not receive any injuries.

To receive medical attention, the pedestrians were transported to a neighboring hospital.The members of Izzell’s family recalled her as a compassionate person, and they also said that she was out walking with her husband at the time of the tragedy. Izzell was killed in the accident. “The preliminary investigation indicates that Anderson, of the 2700 block of Amherst Ridge Loop, intentionally steered his vehicle toward the pedestrians,” according to officials from law enforcement.

The authorities took Anderson into custody, and he was charged with murder in the second degree, malicious wounding, making threats of death or bodily injury, and making threats to bomb or damage structures. Anderson was also charged with making threats to damage buildings via bombing. According to the most recent information, he is currently being held at the Chesterfield County Jail without the possibility of bond.

Over the phone on Tuesday, Anderson’s father revealed to CBS 6 that his son has a documented history of a mental health illness and that he had experienced an episode on Monday afternoon. The information was provided by Anderson’s father with CBS 6. Additionally, he mentioned that his son experienced an episode on Monday.

He claims that the two of them got into a fight before Anderson left their house, but he claims that he was ignorant that his son also took the keys to the automobile with him when he left. He claims that he was oblivious of this fact. Shaunda Bizzell, who resided in the 16700 block of Amherst Ridge Place, reportedly passed away while she was receiving medical treatment at the hospital, as reported by the investigating authorities. Despite the danger, the second pedestrian is able to survive.

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