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Tragic Passion of Alan Reed Obituary, Death, KING 5 Sports photojournalist Alan Reed has passed away 

Tragic Passion of Alan Reed Obituary, Death, KING 5 Sports photojournalist Alan Reed has passed away 

Mar 27, 2024
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The KING 5 community and the larger sports journalism world are mourning the loss of a beloved figure, Alan Reed, a sports photojournalist whose career spanned over two decades at the Seattle-based television station.

Reed, known for his profound commitment to storytelling through the lens of his camera, passed away last week, leaving behind a legacy that is both inspiring and indelible.

Alan Reed wasn’t just a member of the KING 5 team; to many, he was a dear friend and an integral part of a family forged through countless hours of collaboration and shared passion for sports.

Starting his journey at KING 5 as a general assignment photojournalist, Reed eventually found his calling within the sports department, dedicating over 22 years of his career to capturing the essence of every major sporting event and story in Seattle.

Before the term “multimedia journalist” was coined, Reed was already living it, often working solo in the field—interviewing, shooting games, and brainstorming story ideas.

His work ethic, encyclopedic knowledge of sports, and ability to convey the human stories behind the games set a standard of excellence that his colleagues aspired to.

Reed’s colleagues remember him as genuine, unique, and somewhat enigmatic, due to the extensive time he spent covering sports outside the office. His passion for his work was evident to everyone, from team coaches and players who knew him by name, to fans who recognized his presence at games, practices, and press conferences.

Reed’s characteristic silver hair, round face, and often-present smile made him a familiar and cherished figure in the sports community.

Beyond the accolades and the professional achievements, what truly mattered was the impact Reed had on those around him. In a close-knit team, he was like an elder brother, playing a vital role in the success and spirit of KING 5 Sports.

His legacy is not just in the stories he told through his camera, but also in the memories and lessons he leaves with his colleagues and the sports community at large.

Photojournalism, the craft to which Reed dedicated his professional life, is a unique and powerful form of storytelling. It uses imagery to convey narratives that might otherwise require thousands of words, making stories accessible and emotive in ways that text alone cannot. The evolution of photojournalism, from its complementary role in the era of the American Civil War to its Golden Age sparked by the introduction of the 35 mm camera, mirrors the transformative impact of practitioners like Reed. They have not only documented history but have also shaped the way we see and understand the world of sports and beyond.

Alan Reed’s contribution to KING 5 and the field of sports journalism will be remembered and cherished. As his colleagues and the many individuals whose lives he touched mourn his passing, they also celebrate his remarkable life and the enduring legacy of his work. Reed’s story is a testament to the power of photojournalism and the profound impact one individual can have on his community, his craft, and the stories that move and inspire us all.

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