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Sheila Tucker Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Sheila Tucker

Sheila Tucker Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Sheila Tucker

Mar 28, 2024
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Sheila Tucker Obituary, Death – Sheila Tucker, our mother and wife, died away suddenly this morning. It is with a heavy heart but with gratitude that we share this news with friends and family. At the time of her birth on August 29, 1948, Sheila was 75 years old.

Her children, Kristyl and Blake Roberts, were the source of her greatest joy, and she devoted a significant portion of her time and energy to the role of mother and homemaker. The care that Sheila provided for her family included the preparation of thousands of meals, the organization of camping vacations and outings to the pool, the laundering of baseball uniforms, the answering of Facetime calls, and the management of hundreds of other minutiae.

Since Sheila’s wedding to Ronnie Tucker, the man she has loved her entire life, which took place twenty-four years ago, the couple has had a wonderful time together. The fact that Sheila is able to choose what she does each day, whether it be sewing, going out to eat with friends, or playing Happy Colors on her iPad, has brought her a great deal of joy since she retired.

Their dog Scout, who has been a wonderful companion to Sheila, will mourn her as much as she has loved him. Sheila has a deep affection for Alabama football, much to our dismay. Being referred to as “Nana” has been a source of great pride for Sheila for the past twelve years.

Her life has been filled with a great deal of love and happiness thanks to her three grandchildren, namely Jackson, Ella Kate, and Sloan. The activities that Nana and Sugar Pops (also known as Ronnie) have planned for their grandchildren include going to Lake Winnie, visiting parks, and baking cookies.

She frequently referred to them as the bright things in life. After she passed away, Sheila was thoughtful enough to leave a note for us that contained her final wishes.

Sheila was someone who was very organized and always planned ahead. It was her wish that there be no burial or service held after her passing, and she asked that we remember her with a smile, knowing that she had led a happy life and had no regrets when she passed away.

We are in need of your prayers while we grieve because she is still looking out for us even after she has passed away. It was Nana’s intention to prepare the ham for our lunch on Easter Sunday, just as she has done for many years. We pray that Easter would serve as a reminder that we do not have to grieve without hope. The loss of her will be profound.

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