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Mark Nichols Missing, Beloved From Johnson City Tennessee, Police Issues Missing Alert And Seek Help

Mark Nichols Missing, Beloved From Johnson City Tennessee, Police Issues Missing Alert And Seek Help

Mar 31, 2024
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Mark Nichols Missing – As a result of the filing of an official Missing Person’s report for Mark with the Johnson City Police Department, Karen Montgomery, Mary Nichols Throndson, and I are currently on our way to Johnson City, Tennessee.

The last time anyone saw Mark was late on Tuesday evening, after he had returned home from the emergency room in the neighborhood. However, at that time, he gave off the impression of being confused and disoriented.

Welfare Check and Investigation

In accordance with our request, a welfare check was carried out at Mark’s residence yesterday at noon. The police were unable to make contact with him at that time, which is a very unfortunate circumstance.

As a consequence of this, his landlord and a friend were able to enter his apartment yesterday evening. It came as a complete surprise when all of Mark’s personal belongings, including his phone and identification, were discovered from within his residence. On the other hand, Mr. Mark himself could not be located anywhere. One can reasonably assume that he departed on foot.

Search Efforts and Hospital Inquiries

As we continue on our journey to Johnson City, we are looking for assistance from anyone who has contacts in the area who can assist us in spreading the word and providing support. We have reached out to the local hospitals, but they do not have any records of Mark being admitted, nor do they have any unidentified individuals who match his description at this time.

We strongly encourage anyone who may have information or resources in Johnson City to help spread the word about this post and get in touch with us if they are able to provide assistance in any way. We are making every effort to locate Mark and ensure that he is in good health, and your assistance and cooperation are extremely valuable.

Call for Assistance

Mark will be tagged in all posts that are pertinent to the investigation, and any updates that we receive regarding Mark’s whereabouts or developments in the investigation will be shared as soon as possible. We would like to express our deepest gratitude in advance to everyone who can contribute to our efforts to locate Mark and bring him back home in a secure manner.

Please feel free to contact us through this post if you require any information or assistance, or you may also get in touch with the Johnson City Police Department. During this difficult time, your assistance is greatly appreciated and appreciated. Johnson City Police Department Department (WJHL)

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