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Ray Errol Fox Obituary, Beloved Native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Has Passed Away

Ray Errol Fox Obituary, Beloved Native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Has Passed Away

Mar 31, 2024
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Ray Errol Fox Obituary, Death – Ray Errol Fox, our cherished father and a Beloved Native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Has Passed Away today 30 of March, 2024 and we announce his passing with great sadness.

Ray passed away at 6:35 p.m., surrounded by his loving family, which included myself, Haley, his devoted wife, and his beloved daughter. We took comfort in the tender moments we spent together, singing to him as he set out on his last journey, while we stood guard by his bedside.

Our hearts hurt from grief, and the weight of our loss is incalculable. But even in the midst of our grief, we are consoled by the love and support that others who shared our deep affection for Ray have shown us. We felt compelled to inform everyone who held him dear, even though our emotions and pain are still raw.

The innumerable memories we have of Ray will surely comfort us in the coming days as we struggle to comprehend the depth of our loss. The love and joy he brought into our lives is demonstrated by every second, every giggle, and every experience we had together. By considering the breadth of his generosity, the depth of his moral integrity, and the warmth of his presence, we will pay tribute to his memory.

One of the most memorable moments we have is of a moving scene that was taken on our Connecticut patio one and a half years ago. Surrounded by the splendor of nature, Ray exuded a quiet serenity that spoke to all of us in that brief moment.

The magical moment was enhanced by the delicate arrival of a butterfly, a representation of grace and metamorphosis, which graced his presence. It was, quite amazingly, the second time that this kind of miraculous meeting had taken place; the first one had happened at the happy anniversary of Andy and my marriage.

We decide to keep Ray in mind as he was in that instant—calm, radiant, and encircled by love—as we go through the trying days that lie ahead. We will be sustained in the years to come and guided through our grief by this image, which is permanently etched in our hearts and minds. His memory and the innumerable lives he touched carry on his spirit, even though he may no longer walk beside us.

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