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Ajayla Sky Livingston Obituary, Concord, NC, Cherished Infant Has Painfully Passed Away

Ajayla Sky Livingston Obituary, Concord, NC, Cherished Infant Has Painfully Passed Away

Apr 1, 2024
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Ajayla Sky Livingston Obituary, Death – On Sunday, March 31, 2024, Ajayla Sky Livingston, 4, of Concord, went away at her house. She was born in Horry County, South Carolina, on April 27, 2019, and brightened and cheered the lives of everyone around her. Ajayla was a young girl, but everyone who knew her was profoundly affected by her presence.

A Fondness for Animation

The simple pleasures of childhood occupied Ajayla’s days, and she especially enjoyed watching cartoons. She smiled at every animated character because they all captured her joy and innocence in the world.

Treasured Recollections

Ajayla leaves behind a family who will always treasure her memory in the wake of her passing. Her devoted mother Brittney Goud, who gave her unwavering love and care, survives her. Ajayla leaves behind her brothers, Jayden Goud and Jeremiah Johnson, as well as her sister, Alycia Goud.

Extended Family Bonds

The lives of Ajayla’s grandparents, Sprauge Testa, and her sisters, Michelle Goud and Linda Livingston, were also impacted by her presence. Ajayla’s uncle, Eric McCoy, and her aunts, Skyler and Taylor Goud, will always treasure the times they spent with her great-grandmother, Patricia Bane, who she loved very much.

Celebration of Life

On April 27, 2024, Ajayla’s birthday, a Celebration of Life Service will be held in honor of her life and the joy she brought to those around her. We will always be reminded of the love she shared with us and the light she brought into the world on this day.

Eternal Remembrance

Despite Ajayla’s brief presence among us, her influence will never fade. Everyone who knew her will always carry her spirit with them, and in the days to come, her memory will serve as a source of inspiration and solace.

Final Reflection

Let’s cherish the memories we have of Ajayla and take comfort in the love and happiness she brought into our lives as we come together to honor her life. May her soul always shine brightly, filling our paths with warmth and love.

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