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April 21, 2024
Chuck Carter Obituary, Beloved Member of Washington D.C., Bassist Has Passed Away

Chuck Carter Obituary, Beloved Member of Washington D.C., Bassist Has Passed Away

Apr 1, 2024
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Chuck Carter Obituary, Death – The music community suffered a tremendous loss yesterday when they said goodbye to Chuck Carter, our beloved original bassist. We are all still reeling from the devastating news of Chuck’s death.

We will miss Chuck dearly; he was more than a musician; he was a DC music scene legend who touched the lives of everyone lucky enough to know him. His departure has cast a pall over our hearts.

Chuck is remembered for more than just his bass playing. He was an anchor for the neighborhood, an exemplar to up-and-coming musicians, and an inspiration to everyone he met. He had an electrifying stage presence, an unfaltering commitment to his craft, and an obvious love for music.

Sharing the stage with Chuck was always a privilege and honor for all of us in Shorty Slim and countless other groups. His incomparable talent, contagious enthusiasm, and irreproachable charisma took every performance to the next level, captivating and enthralling audiences.

Beyond his talent as a musician, Chuck was cherished for his roles as a confidant, mentor, and friend. He had a gift for making people feel at home, and his kindness and generosity impacted everyone he met. No matter the setting, Chuck’s presence added joy and camaraderie, whether it was jamming late into the night or sharing stories backstage.

In this time of loss, may we find comfort in the music we made together and the memories we shared with Chuck Carter. The bass notes he played, the reverberations of his laughter, and the kindness of his friendship will carry on long after his physical body has left this world.

Chuck will forever be remembered as a DC legend, a beacon of hope and inspiration who showed us how music can bring people together. I pray that those who were fortunate enough to know him find solace and strength in his memory, and that his music inspires generations to come. Chuck, may you rest in peace. Although we will miss you greatly, your music will endure in perpetuity.

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