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Markia Hunt Death Notice, Beloved Young Woman Killed In Tragic Car Accident South Florida

Markia Hunt Death Notice, Beloved Young Woman Killed In Tragic Car Accident South Florida

Apr 1, 2024
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Markia Hunt Obituary, Death – The family of Markay Hunt, a young mother tragically killed in a car accident in South Florida, is pleading with the driver responsible to come forward and face accountability. Hunt, 21 years old, lost her life when the vehicle she was riding in collided with a tree in Margate. Despite the devastation, her young child survived the accident, leaving loved ones grappling with the aftermath.

Emotional Tributes and Appeals

A candlelight memorial and balloon release were held at the crash site, providing an opportunity for Hunt’s family and friends to gather and mourn her passing. Jermaine Nixon, speaking on behalf of the family, expressed disbelief at the tragic circumstances and emphasized the pain they are experiencing. The family’s anguish is compounded by the search for answers and closure.

Remembering Markay Hunt

Described by her family as brave, loyal, opinionated, and fiercely independent, Hunt’s world revolved around her daughter, Keionni. Hunt was traveling with three others, including her one-year-old daughter, when the accident occurred. Tragically, Hunt lost her life at the scene, while her daughter and another passenger were hospitalized.

Seeking Accountability

The Margate Police Department is actively investigating the accident, but the driver responsible fled the scene before authorities arrived. Hunt’s family is adamant about holding the perpetrator accountable for their actions. Shurkida Smith, speaking on behalf of the family, emphasized the devastation caused by the loss and appealed to the driver’s conscience to come forward.

Pursuing Justice

Hunt’s family’s focus has shifted to obtaining justice for their beloved daughter and mother. Hunt’s grandmother, Kim Kerr, expressed the family’s desire for the responsible individual to take responsibility for their actions. While understanding that mistakes happen, they implore the driver to come forward and face the consequences.

Keeping Markay’s Memory Alive

As they care for Hunt’s now two-year-old daughter, Hunt’s family finds solace in remembering her and ensuring that her memory lives on. They are committed to sharing memories of Hunt with her daughter, providing a sense of continuity and connection despite the profound loss they have endured.


The tragic loss of Markay Hunt has left her family grappling with grief and seeking justice for her untimely death. As they navigate this difficult journey, they are unified in their plea for the responsible driver to come forward and face accountability, while also finding comfort in preserving Hunt’s memory for her young daughter’s sake.

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