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Owen Raedts Obituary, Beloved From Ottawa Ontario, Has Sadly Passed Away

Owen Raedts Obituary, Beloved From Ottawa Ontario, Has Sadly Passed Away

Apr 1, 2024
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Owen Raedts Obituary, Death – We announce with deep sadness the passing of our grandson, Owen Raedts. On Thursday, March 28, the day before he turned 21 years old, he tragically lost his fight with depression and ended his own life. This loss has left an indelible void in our hearts that will never be filled, and its weight is unbearable.

The next morning, when Owen turned twenty-one, I wrote him a heartfelt birthday card message that I hope he knew to be true but he will never read. I captured in those words our deep love and pride for the extraordinary young man he had grown into.

Owen was well-known for his contagious smile, kind demeanor, and unwavering readiness to support those in need. We are devastated by his abrupt departure from this world, but we cling to the thought that he has found comfort and peace in the next. Owen’s presence in our lives during that period was an immense blessing.

His absence leaves an unfathomable void, and his presence brightened and cheered our days. Owen may not be physically present with us anymore, but his spirit will always be a part of our hearts and memories. Forever and ever, he will be incredibly missed and loved.

I’d like to invite you to partake in some of our most treasured recollections of Owen, whether you were fortunate enough to know him or not.

Owen’s laughter reverberated, his kindness glowed, and his presence brightened the lives of everyone he touched. These were the moments we spent together.

Even though he might not be walking next to us anymore, his memory will never stop uplifted us, leading us with the warmth of his love and the brightness of his soul.

Let’s cling to the happy, joyful, and loving times we spent with Owen as we work through the grief of his passing. May we find comfort, strength, and peace in those recollections so that we can continue, honoring his legacy with each step we take.

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