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April 16, 2024
Two Teenagers Wounded in Galloway Township Shooting Following Group Dispute Near Hoon King Chinese Restaurant

Two Teenagers Wounded in Galloway Township Shooting Following Group Dispute Near Hoon King Chinese Restaurant

Apr 1, 2024
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In a disturbing turn of events that unfolded on Sunday, March 31, 2024, the Galloway Township community found itself grappling with the aftermath of a shooting that left two teenagers injured. The incident, which took place near the Hoon King Chinese Restaurant located on the 200 block of Collins Road, has prompted an intensive investigation by local law enforcement agencies.

The Galloway Township Police Department was alerted to the situation by the Atlantic City Police Department after two individuals, both suffering from gunshot wounds, were admitted to the Atlanticare Regional Medical Center City Division. The victims, identified as a 16-year-old male and a 17-year-old male from Pleasantville, NJ, were reportedly involved in a dispute with another group around 8:30 PM near the restaurant, which tragically escalated when a handgun was brandished and shots were fired.

Despite the violence, authorities have reassured the public that there is no ongoing danger, suggesting that the shooting was a targeted incident stemming from specific tensions between the two groups involved. The victims are currently being treated for their injuries, which have been described as non-life-threatening, bringing a small measure of relief amidst the shocking events.

The Galloway Township Police Department has since located the crime scene and initiated a forensic investigation to unravel the circumstances leading to the shooting. The effort to understand the dynamics of the dispute and the sequence of events that resulted in gunfire is crucial in determining accountability and preventing future incidents of this nature.

In the wake of the shooting, the Galloway Township Police Department is calling upon the community for assistance. Anyone with information regarding the incident is strongly encouraged to come forward and contact the Galloway Township Police Department Detective Bureau. In a bid to facilitate anonymous tips, individuals are also given the option to reach out to Crime Stoppers of Atlantic County, with the promise of confidentiality and the potential for aiding in the swift resolution of the case.

The shooting near the Hoon King Chinese Restaurant serves as a somber reminder of the potential for disputes to escalate into violence, impacting not only those directly involved but also the broader community. The incident highlights the importance of conflict resolution mechanisms and the role of the community in supporting law enforcement efforts to maintain public safety.

As the investigation continues, the Galloway Township community is left to reflect on the events that led to this unfortunate outbreak of violence. The response from law enforcement and the community’s cooperation will be instrumental in bringing about justice for the victims and ensuring that such incidents do not recur. The collective effort to address and prevent violence remains a top priority, with the hope that peace and safety can be restored in the wake of this tragic event.

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