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April 16, 2024
Daniel Seman Death Notices: Two Found Shot, Dead In Car In Blaine, MN

Daniel Seman Death Notices: Two Found Shot, Dead In Car In Blaine, MN

Apr 2, 2024
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Daniel Seman Death – The two people who were found dead from gunshot wounds in a parked car in Blaine last week have been named by the police. The bodies of both victims were found inside the car. It turned out that the bodies were inside the car.

The two people who had been killed were still inside the car where they had been found. It was found that the dead people had been found inside the car when they were found. A report that was sent to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office around noon on Wednesday said that two people were found unconscious inside a parked car in the 10700 block of Town Square Drive Northeast.

They learned from the report that the two people were still in the car. The person who called said that there was a chance that the car could be found in the parking lot. The person who asked for the call said that there were three people in the car. The officials were told about this information. In order to successfully finish their investigation into what happened, the Blaine Police Department was sent to the scene of the crime.

The cops found both the man and the woman. It looked like both of them had been shot. In addition, it looked like both of them had died from the wounds they got when they were shot. Daniel Joseph Seman, who is 66 years old, and Sarah Fay Gordon, who is 41 years old, were found to be the drivers who caused the accident on Monday.

Because of the investigation that happened after the crash, this conclusion was made. In both cases, the people who caused the events were held responsible for what they did. By the time they moved into Blaine, they were already thinking about making it their permanent home.

Even though the investigation into what happened is still going on, the sheriff’s office has said that there is no clear threat to the public and that they are not looking for anyone who might be involved with what happened.

Also, they’ve said that they’re not looking for anyone who might have been involved in the event. Also, they have put out their comment even though the investigation is still going on. However, this is the conclusion that has been made, even though the investigation is still open and going on.

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